Tollring iCS Contact Review: Informal Contact Centre Analytics

Read our review of the iCS Contact – informal contact centre analytics

Tollring iCS Contact Review: Informal Contact Centre Analytics

iCS Contact is an innovative feature within the iCall Suite delivered by Tollring – a portfolio of products designed to improve business analytics and reporting solutions, in combination with team communication and collaboration. Tollring are a leading provider of call reporting software and business intelligence solutions, with offices across the globe.

The iCS Contact module focuses on developing informal and formal contact centre arrangements, to help businesses manage, monitor, and control their services from a more informed level. iCS Contact is designed to work in combination with another feature from the iCall Suite: iCS Report. Here, we’ll take a look at the features of benefits of iCS Contact, and give you our opinion on how it runs. However, these opinions are our own, and we do not sell Tollring products. We encourage you to get involved with your own thoughts in the comments below.

Cloud, Hybrid or On-Premises Solutions

ICS Contact is intended for use in “informal” call centres – a term that we’ll address a little later in this review. The full system for the iCall Suite, including Report and Insight features can be installed either through an on-premises, cloud-based, or hybrid model depending on your unique preferences and business requirements.

Features and Applications

The applications and features of iCS Contact are designed to work alongside another feature within the iCall suite: iCS Report. While iCS Contact provides supervisor analytics and agent management services to help you monitor and deal with customer-facing teams, iCS Report offer enhanced dashboards and analytics for the information gathered.

ICS Contact reporting provides consistent and up-to-the-moment analytics for your groups and individual agents, with ACD group analytics that deliver call statistics and queue services according to group. Additionally, agent workflow analytics provide detailed information and summaries on each availability status based on the first message of the day.

The Agent and Supervisor functionality for each “seat” in a contact centre can be customised at point of installation as either a supervisor or an agent. While supervisors can control agent statuses by logging them in and out, or monitoring their calls through the system facilities, agents can only control their own status.

What We Like about iCS Contact

For modern and informal contact centres, it can be incredibly useful to have a comprehensive service solution available that allows you to access all the information you need about your team. iCS Contact makes examining the forward-facing agents in your group easier, to help promote a more focused team environment. Some of our favourite features include:

  • ACD group wallboards: The group wallboard widget allows you to examine ten different group performance parameters in real-time for any group on an agent or supervisor desktop. This is a great tool for any contact centre environment to use when looking into real-time statistics.
  • Agent analytics: Agent analytics can help you to access more information by agent, including the number and duration of their outbound and inbound calls, their time available, and the time that they spend on Do-not-Disturb, to help you assess group performance.
  • Group View: With group view, supervisors can see the status of their agents at any given time, which makes adjusting services and features easier for the entire company.
  • Contact centre development: Thanks to the use of past performance reviews, call centres can examine the behaviour of different people within their company and adjust future solutions based on the needs of their customers and clients. In other words, you can decide whether you need to change the number of agents available at specific times of day.
  • Easy to use call viewing: Examining your history for inbound, transferred, outbound, and internal calls is incredibly easy with ICS Contact. Businesses can redial numbers, filter call history, and add notes, as well as playing email recordings and more.

Who is iCS Contact For?

ICS Contact is designed as part of the iCall Suite for “informal” contact centres. Informal contact centres are those which take orders over the phone, make frequent sales calls, offer telephone support, and more. No matter how many calls are handled each day, if you do any of the things mentioned above, then you’re running an informal contact centre.

What is it Compatible With?

As part of the iCall Suite, iCS Contact is designed to work on desktop and mobile clients perfectly. Apps can be downloaded for Windows, Apple, and Android phones from their respective store, or you can just access the pages through your mobile browser.

UC Today Opinion

For “Informal” and even formal contact centres, we think that iCS Contact is a fantastic solution for future planning, business development, and customer service improvement. It can help to boost productivity in contact centre forward-facing teams, and give your business the boost it needs for improved efficiency and productivity.

Have you used iCS Contact? Share your experience with us in the comments below, and please link your friends and colleagues to this article so that they can join the discussion too!



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