Tollring iCS Record Review: Fully Integrated Call Recording

Read our review of Tollring’s iCS Record

Tollring iCS Record Review: Fully Integrated Call Recording

iCS Record is a compliance-first solution for companies that need to access full-functionality call recording and monitoring services. Part of the Tollring iCall Suite, iCS Record is an innovative feature that is suitable for a wide range of different businesses of any shape or size. Tollring are a global-leader in software development, known for their exceptional business intelligence solutions, and iCS Record for the iCall Suite is just another great solution.

The iCS Record offering can be contained and managed through a single work server or station, and is ideal for storing, finding, archiving, and playing back calls with one click. Here, we’re going to take a closer look at the features associated with iCS Record, and the benefits it can offer to your business. UC Today do not sell any Tollring products, and the opinions outlined here belong to the reviewer alone, we encourage you to share your own thoughts in the comments below!

Cloud, On-Premises, or a Combination of Both

The Tollring iCall Suite can be deployed in an on-premises, cloud, or hybrid solution for business, including features from iCS Record, to iCS Contact, and iCS Insight. With iCS Record, customers can access playback, quality monitoring, call evaluation and flexible storage services which work with technologies in a host of combinations, from simple USB-based client/server solutions, to web-based and hosted services, or full turn-key systems.

Features and Applications

iCS Record is focused on making call compliance and recording and monitoring solutions easier for businesses in a host of different industries. Call recording can be beneficial for:

  • Monitoring staff performance to improve company standards for customer service.
  • Resolving arguments and disputes with details from a call that can be accessed in moments.
  • Protecting staff from abuse and training staff on how to handle certain customer interactions
  • Complying with regulatory (FCA) standards

Essential reporting services are included with iCS Record, including most frequently dialled number features, call evaluation, daily call analysis, call tagging, call outcomes and annotation, and DDI or trunk utilisation. Multi-site recording can also be used to review recordings on various sites with a central web-access location for any recording.

What We Like About iCS Record

When it comes to recording software, one of the most important benefits a company can offer is “ease-of-use”. iCS Record is simple to implement despite its comprehensive range of features, plus it’s scalable and flexible too. Because the system is designed for compliance, you can enjoy absolute peace of mind, and there’s plenty of security features included. Some of our favourite benefits of iCS Record include:

  • Seamless phone system integration: Whatever you need, from SIP to analogue call recording, can be achieved with iCS Record. There’s an automatic stop/start function, one year of support included, and a live dashboard for easy monitoring.
  • Simple to use: As we mentioned above, iCS Record is easy to use, with an innovative dashboard to help you quickly find calls, a built-in archiving function, queue transferring options and other unique solutions to choose from.
  • Flexible and versatile: iCS Record allows you to record all different line types, including SIP, analogue, ISDN2, and ISDN30. It’s both scalable and cost-effective, as it can be used with just a few users, or hundreds at a time.
  • Security: iCS Record provides secure role-based access which means that only authorised people can playback calls, and all recordings are securely held in encrypted formats, to ensure compliance with the FCA.

Who is iCS Record For?

Because it’s designed to be scalable – for use with a couple, or a couple of hundred staff members at any given time, iCS Record is perfect for all shapes and sizes of business. As a part of the iCall Suite offering, it’s industry-leading features are great for everyone from legal firms, to call centres, insurance companies, health centres, public agencies, FSA-regulated companies and more.

What is it Compatible With?

iCS Record can work alongside all technologies in a host of combinations, from SIP, to analogue, to ISDN. Additionally, the full iCall Suite is available for use and download on both desktop and mobile platforms. From Google Play, to the Windows store or iOS app store.

UC Today Opinion

Another highly useful and engaging feature within the iCall Suite, iCS Record features plenty of easy-to-use features and services that makes recording crucial information easier than ever. It’s great for those who need to put FCA compliance first, and it can be implemented with as little effort as possible, to reduce business downtime.

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