Tollring Introduces KPI Insights for SMEs

New iCall Suite from Tollring

Tollring Introduces KPI Insights for SMEs

Tollring is a market leading software developer offering business intelligence tools and data visualisation to today’s enterprises. Recently, the company revealed the latest version of their popular iCall suite. Version 3.7 of iCall suite expands the deliverability of actionable and relevant customer data into the hands of mid-market and SME enterprises, driving better SLA-informed productivity.

The updated set of customer interaction analytics available as part of the iCall Suite experience, combined with a range of call recording tools helps companies of all sizes to access analytics and make more informed choices about the future of their business. The full suite ensures that companies have access to all the intelligence they need to understand and control various resources, assets, and information tools.

New Range of Analytics Features

The updated analytics features available in version 3.7 of iCall Suite include configurable SLAs and KPIs for groups, individuals, and campaigns. This allows companies of all sizes to escalate their understanding of what’s going on within their organisation. The more companies know about their customer journeys and sales strategies, the more they can do to drive the performance of the business forward. With KPI-based analytics, even SMEs will be able to access more sophisticated customer segmentation and profiling strategies – providing a complete picture of the entire customer experience.

Tony Martino, the CEO of Tollring, said that it’s easier than ever for today’s decision makers to monitor the crucial metrics relevant to their business. With the updated iCall Suite, it will be possible to track information at both departmental and business-wide levels. As well as being able to improve support for existing customers, businesses will also be able to increase their chances of earning new customers.

iCall Suite helps companies to collect data and transform that information into actionable insights. The wide-ranging information they can access across the business will allow managers from different departments to ensure that they’re fully informed about how customers are interacting with their organisation – based on specific responsibilities and requirements. Martino noted that even the most niche companies can get a better understanding of their performance.

Accessing the Right Insights

In Tollring’s opinion, the most important insights in a business are the ones that deliver a new understanding of how things work in the organisation. With new information about their workplaces, companies will be able to make a lasting impact to business behaviour, and potentially even the bottom line.

Some of the new analytics features included in the recent upgrade of the iCall Suite include callback performance overviews and productivity dashboards. There’s also VIP customer configuration which allows companies to identify their most important customers, and prioritise callbacks accordingly. This new update is also enhanced by a broader framework of available APIs that open up accessibility to data in the context of third-party applications.

According to Martino, Tollring will always remain focused on responding to the demands of customers and partners. The business saw a 350% increase in cloud endpoints in the last year, and as the company continues to grow, it plans to offer even more support via analytics.


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