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Get Integrated with 365 Channel Integration Framework

AMC Technology is live on Microsoft Dynamics Channel Integration Framework

Get Integrated with 365 Channel Integration Framework

AMC Technology, an early preview partner for the Microsoft Dynamics channel integration framework, can now deliver unique integrations into Microsoft Dynamics 365 via their DaVinci client.

As part of AMC’s preview partnership with Microsoft, AMC recently hosted a webinar highlighting Microsoft’s Channel Integration Framework, which included an informative Q and A with Kumar Ashutosh, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft.

Microsoft Dynamics channel integration framework

Dynamics 365 Channel Integration Framework allows you to build immersive communications experiences with third party channel providers across voice, SMS and chat. It is HTML based and requires no installation. The Channel Integration Framework already boasts unlimited use cases and a simplified integration model.

Framework architecture for channel integration is made up of five key components:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Unified Interface app
  • Channel Integration Framework adapter
  • Web-based communication widget (DaVinci agent)
  • Cloud channel provider (DaVinci)

AMC Technology highlights the benefits of the channel integration framework into three key areas:

  • Ease of development and deployment: plug and play configuration & standard and supported APIs
  • Channel and client agnostic: integrated third-party channel providers & be independent of operating systems and web browsers
  • Custom agent experience: across single and multi-channel

DaVinci architecture

The DaVinci architecture itself can be provided either in the cloud or as an on-premises version and provides both authentication and security via the DaVinci framework SDK. The DaVinci agent is embedded into your CRM software to provide a link between your phone system and your most frequently used business apps. These include, but are not limited to:

Adding functionality to Microsoft Dynamics 365

By combining DaVinci and Dynamics 365, you are empowering your CRM with functionality otherwise unavailable. For starters, when a call comes into the call centre, an agent gets a screen pop within the customer service hub. Agents are able to see all contact information and previous transaction history. This arms the agent with knowledge they would otherwise need to spend time searching for. A quicker customer experience is often a better one.

During or after a call, agents can add quick access configurable call notes via the AMC agent toolbar. When completed, this updates within the app for the next agent to be empowered with previous case notes. From within this interface, agents can create new accounts, opportunities or tickets without having to end the interaction and start afresh.

If a phone number is recognised as multiple accounts, both options will be presented to the agent. Once they have identified which contact is calling, you can simply choose the correct contact and customer information is screen popped in the same manner.

The Channel Integration Framework also enables click to dial from within Microsoft Dynamics. Rather than searching through your database and incorrectly dialling your client’s number, simply click the contact from within the CRM and your handset or headset will dial itself.

In addition to traditional CTI features, AMC’s new cloud-native offering allows companies to select a configuration that best matches their strategic vision while providing agents with an embedded experience. DaVinci can coordinate separate work streams, allowing apps like Twilio’s TaskRouter to be the single routing platform, and present those work items to the agent in a blended user interface while providing consolidated reporting through reporting engines.

Ultimately, the Channel Integration Framework provides a robust agent experience – without a complex installation and configuration period. For a simpler contact centre implementation, when needing to integrate with Dynamics 365, the channel integration framework is designed to provide a user-centric experience, rather than a technology-focused experience.



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