The Back to Front Of Customer Experience

Avaya explains how uniting the entire enterprise provides the best customer experiences in this new webinar


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For too long the primary provision of customer service has been overly focused on customer facing, front office divisions within any business. Now as our understanding of customer experience provision has evolved more businesses are understanding that aligning all aspects, and departments, within any organisation is the key to providing truly great experiences for end customers. . In this webinar Avaya explain why aligning the entire organisation to the customer is so important and how it can be achieved by using unified communication and collaboration solutions in conjunction with contact centre capabilities.

Key Takeaways

• Find out why it is vital to connect all aspects of an organisation to provide truly great customer experiences, rather than just focusing on the contact centre

• Appreciate the pitfalls if a business fails to align its different divisions, but also understand the benefits if organisations get it right

• Understand how businesses go about connecting different internal departments to provide a truly connected experience for their customers

• Look at the role emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning automation and analytics play in connecting business divisions

• Examine real world examples where connecting different business divisions has allowed an organisation to provide exceptional CX

In a world where customer experience provision is increasingly a key differentiating factor, understanding how to stand out with exemplary service could be vital. This webinar will give you food for thought when examining the next generation of customer experience solutions.

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Presenter Patrick Watson with Gregg Widdowson, Customer Engagement Solution Sales Leader in Avaya Europe.

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