5G? We’re Not Ready!

Despite huge potential for adoption, business 5G implementation falters

5G? We’re Not Ready!

Cradlepoint, a global leader in the delivery of cloud-based wireless edge solutions for mobile, branch, and IoT networks, recently revealed new insights into the world of 5G. Through a study into 200 telecoms professionals during June 2019 at the 5G World Summit, Cradlepoint explored the potential future of 5G to find that although most businesses expect 5G to be a huge success, they aren’t ready to implement a solution.

Most companies believe that the 5G technology that’s on the horizon today will be crucial to their technology roadmap going forward. However, this doesn’t mean that organisations are ready to fully embrace their own 5G solution. The study from Cradlepoint found that 5G and Gigabit-Class LTE has either already had an impact on their technology roadmap or will do in the next 1 or 2 years. However only around a fifth of respondents has said that they’re prepared for a full adoption strategy. Nearly half (46%) of the respondents said that they have made no preparations, or only taken minor steps towards 5G.

Addressing the Challenge of Implementing 5G

cradlepoint_logoAlthough the potential of 5G appears to be significant for companies from all backgrounds, there are challenges involved in implementing modern high-performance wireless technology. Many companies believe that problems with implementations may be magnified by a lack of understanding of the differences between 5G and Gigabit-Class LTE. Around 79% of respondents said that they had no understanding or limited knowledge of how the offerings differ. Additionally, around 82% of respondents said that they didn’t know how Gigabit LTE applies to their needs.

Security may be another problem preventing people from making a move to 5G technology. 73% of the respondents in the Cradlepoint study stated that their concerns around security might limit how quickly they adopt 5G.

Creating a Path to 5G Adoption

According to the Vice President and General Manager for EMEA at Cradlepoint, Jason Wells, companies today need to define a pathway to 5G fast. However, many organisations are unsure how to get started. For instance, Gigabit-Class LTE is a high-performance and mature expansion of the 4G LTE network that offers substantial download speeds. This wireless option is something that companies can consider as they prepare their roadmap to full 5G connectivity.

Unfortunately, without sufficient planning and use of pathway technologies, companies may find that they struggle to adopt 5G as quickly as they need to. This could mean that businesses end up losing ground with their opportunities in new technology.


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