AudioCodes RXVCam10 Personal Cam Review

Rebekah Carter

Exceptional image clarity for your personal cam

AudioCodes RXVCam10 Personal Cam Review

The AudioCodes RXVCam10 personal webcam promises today’s employees an ultra-clear experience every time they host a conference with their colleagues. This state-of-the-art personal webcam combines plug-and-play compatibility with stunning real-time video. According to AudioCodes, the RXVCam10 is the ideal solution for today’s modern worker, operating in flexible and ever-changing collaborative workspaces.  

As the shift to the remote and hybrid workforce continues to accelerate, tools like the AudioCodes RXVCam10 and the comprehensive “Room Experience Suite” from AudioCodes aim to bring the quality of in-office meetings into any environment.  

Let’s see what you can expect from this personal webcam from AudioCodes. 

AudioCodes RXVCam10 review: Features 

Simple and effective, the AudioCodes RXVCam10 is a streamlined and portable webcam today’s professionals can use anywhere. Built according to the highest standards for modern hybrid workers, this device ensures that every participant in today’s video meetings can be seen clearly, with fantastic clarity. The solution integrates with all AudioCodes UC solutions too, so you can manage it as part of your comprehensive One Voice Portfolio.  

The heart of the AudioCodes RXVCam10 is the 1080p full HD real-time streaming experience, enabled by a 2-megapixel CMOS sensor, providing sharp images at speed. You can even use this solution alongside all of your favorite collaboration tools, including Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Some of the top features of the RXVCam10 include: 

  • 1080p full HD video 
  • 30FPS performance 
  • USB 2.0 port for plug-and-play setup 
  • Compatible with leading UC platforms and apps 
  • Works as part of the AudioCodes ecosystem 
  • Straightforward mounting and angle adjustment 
  • Lightweight and portable design 
  • Automatic light adjusting for better clarity 
  • Compatible with a range of softphone systems 

Combined with other products from the AudioCodes portfolio, such as a high-quality microphone, headset, or speakerphone, today’s employees can easily build the perfect remote or hybrid working setup for better conversations at home. With easy installation via USB and compatibility to a range of softphones and apps, there’s no need for any professional configurations. 

AudioCodes RXVCam10 review: Benefits 

AudioCodes built the RXVCam10 with simplicity first. Intended for the everyday user making the transition to remote and hybrid work, the camera is as easy to use as any plug-and-play webcam. Because the hardware is flexible enough to work with any communications platform or softphone, you’ll have no problem linking it to your Teams setup or Zoom meeting. Some of the biggest benefits of the AudioCodes RXVCam10 include: 

  • Part of the AudioCodes Room Experience Suite: The AudioCodes RXVCam10 represents a valuable part of the AudioCodes ecosystem and experience suite. It links naturally to the UC solutions available elsewhere from AudioCodes, so you can mix and match the ideal collection of meeting room tools and services for each individual user. You can even manage the solution from a distance with access to the AudioCodes Device Manager and link your camera to various AudioCodes UC systems and conference phones
  • Flexibility: Although the RXVCam10 integrates first and foremost with the AudioCodes environment, it’s also equipped to work perfectly with a range of other soft phones and UC tools, including popular solutions like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and many others. You can simply plug your camera into your system and connect to the service that works best for you.  
  • Excellent video quality: HD video quality is a staple of the AudioCodes RXVCam10, with its powerful 1080p resolution, amazing FPS rating, and fantastic range of auto-adjustment features. The camera will automatically adjust to suit all lighting conditions, so you can ensure you continue to send an excellent image, even when you’re not in the brightest of rooms. Combined with one of AudioCodes’ impressive audio tools, you’ll have everything you need for a great meeting
  • Easy to use: The AudioCodes RXVCam10 is a plug-and-play portable webcam users can access anywhere and any time they want to host an amazing meeting. This sensational 1080p full HD video camera just plugs into your computer and laptop and seamlessly integrates with the meeting and UC tools you’re already using. It’s easy to mount, and requires no professional set up at all. Administrators can even manage devices from a distance if they choose with the AudioCodes Device Management service

Who Needs The AudioCodes RXVCam10? 

The AudioCodes RXVCam10 is a simple and effective personal webcam for people who want to maintain a high-quality image wherever they go in the business world. This convenient and simplistic camera combines wonderful ease of use with flexibility, so you can use your device alongside your favorite UC system with no unnecessary headaches.  

The AudioCodes camera is easy to mount and set to your preferred angle, with exceptional clarity for productive workplace collaboration in seconds. Plus, the fact that the camera image adapts to all lighting conditions makes it a great choice for a dynamic working environment. This product will also be particularly valuable for people who already have an investment in the UC portfolio from AudioCodes, thanks to the integration with the One Voice ecosystem. 

AudioCodes RXVCam10 Verdict 

In the new era of video conferencing, cameras like the AudioCodes RXVCam10 will help business users from all backgrounds maintain their professional image, without the restrictions of a traditional video setup. This convenient tool within the AudioCodes UC portfolio is lightweight enough to take on the move, without compromising on image quality.  

Seamless integration into the One Voice portfolio makes it easy to manage your entire communication and collaboration ecosystem in one environment. What’s more, despite a relatively low cost, the AudioCodes RXVCam10 promises sensational clarity in virtually every environment. Whether you’re hosting a Zoom meeting from a café or logging into a Teams Meeting from your home office, the AudioCodes RXVCam10 has you covered.  



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