Introducing Konftel’s Most Popular Conference Phones

Konftel tell us about their best-selling conference phones

Introducing Konftel’s Most Popular Conference Phones

As the work environment continues to evolve, one thing remains consistent: the demand for excellent team communications. In an agile business space, face-to-face meetings aren’t always possible. Remote workers and individuals tied down by complex projects don’t still have the option to just book a meeting room. Fortunately, a conference phone can take the stress out of this need for instant interaction.

Konftel, leaders in next-level communication solutions, deliver some of the most innovative conference phone experiences on the market. The company focuses on giving today’s digital workforce the clarity and reliability they need, in a conference phone that’s easy to use, and capable of exceptional audio. We caught up with Konftel to ask which of their conference phones are the most popular, and what kind of trends they see in the future of conference calling.

Which Is the Most Popular Konftel Conference Phone?

Konftel told us that all their conference phone devices are selling “pretty well” today, but the best-selling unit has to be the wireless KonftelåÊ300Wx model. This state-of-the-art cord-free conference phone allows companies to host and manage meetings whenever and wherever it suits them. Konftel believes it to be “The World’s best-selling wireless conference phone.”

Konftel 300Wx

Konftel 300Wx

The Konftel 300Wx phone comes with its own base station available in Analogue or IP configuration, which always stays connected to the network. The system also connects wireless via DECT, to ensure that employees can use the device anywhere they like within range of the base station. The maximum reach is 200 metres in an open-plan environment.

“It means users can use the Konftel 300Wx wherever they want, rather than having to stay in the same dedicated room all the time. It provides more freedom to convene meetings anywhere, anytime.”

The Konftel 300Wx conference phone saves money by ensuring that companies don’t have to cable every room, and the 60-hour battery talk time means that everyone can make a call in any week without having to worry about a dying battery. “All you need to do is recharge at the weekend for next week’s discussions.”

There’s also a USB connection on the device to ensure that users can join UC VoIP calls through services like Skype for Business through a tablet or laptop, then simply use the 300WX for audio. You can connect smartphones to the system and use it as a mic/speaker for a GSM call via the smartphone.

How Does the Konftel 300Wx Offer Conferencing Flexibility?

Aside from its wireless design and it’s 60 hours of call-time, the Konftel 300Wx conference phone also comes with various other capabilities that help to ensure complete conferencing flexibility.

“The 300Wx allows users to bridge calls using different networks. For instance, if you’re on a Skype for Business call and you need to bring someone else in who hasn’t been invited or isn’t on Skype for Business, you can call them directly over the telephone network using the 300Wx, then bridge them into the Skype for Business Call. This is something we call Hybrid conferencing, and it allows users to access any network they prefer and mix options across those networks.”

Konftel’s 300Wx supports meetings of up to 20 people at a time, and it comes with a Recording feature that saves data onto an SD card, which helps teams to access the information they need from a meeting without having to scribble down difficult-to-read notes.

Konftel also invested in a state-of-the-art user interface, which is equipped with Bluetooth capability to pair with smartphones. “When you’re using our free UNITE app, users can remotely control their conference phone and calls from their smartphone. The UNITE app syncs with their calendar and contacts, and calls people just by touching a name.”

What Are the Trends You See in Conference Phones Right Now?

With so much innovation to offer in the conference phone environment, we were interested to find out if Konftel had noticed any rising trends in the conference phone market today. Konftel told us that one of the most significant demands they’ve seen lately, circles around the need for Huddle Rooms.

“Small flexible spaces of 2-6 people present a booming sector right now.”

“These teams are awaiting a more flexible and affordable set of collaboration equipment and services, and in 2017 there were 32 million huddle rooms worldwide.”

Konftel believes that huddle rooms will continue to grow more popular in the years ahead, but businesses will need conference rooms that accommodate a smaller space. “That means that the phones need to be wireless, have different connectivity options, and must be able to connect with Huddle cameras and BYOD strategies.” The Konftel EGO and 55Wx devices are particularly popular products in the huddle room space.

Konftel also believes that the rise of Huddle Rooms will prompt a higher demand for wireless technology. “Users want the freedom to meet wherever is best for them. They want the flexibility to connect across different networks and link with various devices without the need for expert help.”

Another of the major trends that Konftel is looking at today is the need for better “Ease of Use.” Konftel believes that their customers need a more immersive plug-and-play setup, but many conference phones simply aren’t used as often as desk phones, which means that people aren’t familiar with the technology they’re using and the varied services available like multi-party calls.

“Anything that improves this ease of use is crucial, and the trend in our lives is currently to use mobile apps.”

The Konftel UNITE app is Konftel’s approach to helping conference calling become more accessible and simple for everyone involved.

Finally, Konftel also mentioned the rise of collaboration as a common trend in conference calls. Now that users want access to a range of services for better teamwork, devices need to be flexible, and capable of integrating with other equipment, like cameras, screens, and laptops or tablets. Konftel is now introducing their “Smart Hub” for one-cable connections to other meeting room equipment, along with smart cameras for a one-stop collaboration shop.

“Users will be able to take their own devices into a meeting room and connect via a single USB cable to everything in there, using whichever meeting client is best for them. They’ll get great meetings using cutting-edge technology that’s easy-to-use, high-in-quality, and affordable.


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