EPOS AMPLIFY – A New Global Partner Programme

A new global partnership programme for optimised growth

EPOS AMPLIFY – A New Global Partner Programme

With more than 6000 channel partners across 30+ countries, premium audio brand EPOS (part of the Demant Group) has always worked collaboratively to deliver great experiences to their end users, recognising that local connections are the best way to meet evolving demand in a complex world.

The strategic investment in a new partnership programme, EPOS AMPLIFY, is designed to strengthen the existing channel partner ecosystem, and provide new opportunities for partners to differentiate their offering in the rapidly changing audio equipment marketplace — empowering each one to maximise their potential and focus their efforts on the highest-leverage customer interactions within their regions.

Amplifying ROI

For a global enterprise, local partners bring to the table a diverse range of key competencies and market connections, which embrace different market conditions and levels of technological adoption. They also bring with them varied support needs and growth potential. In recognition of this, EPOS AMPLIFY looks beyond revenue targets to more qualitatively evaluate partner value, and emphasises involvement and local engagement, to support every channel partner to drive their business and improve their returns in a more granular and personalised way.

In the EPOS AMPLIFY programme, new partners will be tiered by their individual revenue and engagement level, to ensure the support that is provided to them is in line with their needs and potential — always motivating and incentivising them to achieve the next step on the path, to deepening their relationship with the brand and all it has to offer.

They will be given access to specific resources designed to increase their perceived value to local customers, including training and e-learning materials tailored to help them sell the EPOS range with credibility and expertise, and digital sales and marketing support tools to ensure a premium partner experience.

Lars Riis Rasmussen, Sr. Vice President of Global Sales, explained in an announcement to partners that the new programme:

“…enables us to strengthen our partnership with you, while supporting your growth and efforts to stand out in the marketplace. The EPOS AMPLIFY Partner Program provides a clear path on how to accelerate your business — Experience the Power of Partnerships!”

Amplifying partnership

Lars Riis Rasmussen

Lars Riis Rasmussen

As well as capacity building for sales and marketing with partners, the AMPLIFY portal provides partners with tools to automate and track their progress and operations, through a dedicated platform. Sales enablement tools like Deal Registration, Special Price Support, and the Market Development Fund, are all accessible directly through the new site.

This enables partners to have their progress measured through a range of activities and be rewarded appropriately for their focus and engagement, regardless of local market conditions. They can each progress through a tiered system of membership leading to access to enhanced benefits, including:

  • Product Sampling Program
  • Market Development Fund
  • Reward Program
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Local marketing support, and more…

By providing partners with this new portal, EPOS delivers a one-stop-shop for all relevant resources, including brand assets and product updates, ensuring partners can focus all their attention on the most important aspect of their work: nurturing the individual relationships with their customers, the end-users of EPOS products. 


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