Explore the Habitat Soundscaping Service from Plantronics

Plantronics provide live and virtual tours of their latest offering

Explore the Habitat Soundscaping Service from Plantronics

Pioneering audio and communications company, Plantronics, recently announced that they would be welcoming media representatives into an all-access pass experience of their brand-new “Habitat Soundscaping” service. The industry-first solution is designed to overcome many of the distractions and noises that can occur in the open office environment, providing professionals with the freedom they need to communicate without disruption.

The room-based audio system helps to transform the open office into a peaceful and productive environment, using nature-inspired elements like natural sounds, along with intelligent software and user-focused tech. The opportunities to explore the new technology will begin with the Integrated Systems Europe AV Integration show, which has awarded the Habitat Soundscaping feature the “2018 Top New Technology Award”.

Plantronics recently installed the Soundscaping system into their offices outside of Amsterdam, which earned the 2018 German Design Award for enhanced communication design and interior architecture. Now, the office serves as a demonstration of how noise management can work in a real-world environment.

Don’t Just Take Their Word for It…

While Plantronics are happy to sing their product’s praises at any time, they decided they would also invite the media to come for a tour on February 7th to find out more about how the Netherlands is using a combination of visuals and sounds to convert the average open office setting into something completely unique. Attendees from ISE Media were also invited to visit the Plantronics booth for a live demonstration of the service, and a chance to learn more about how the Soundscaping service works.

The Habitat solution recently won the Frost and Sullivan North American Technology Innovation Award for Augmented Reality (AR) in 2017. Essentially, it’s an acoustic management solution that transforms a distracting open office into a more peaceful and motivational environment. Using nature-inspired visuals and audio, it claims to make the open office a more productive place.

Because studies indicate that a connection with nature helps to enhance memory, mood, and cognitive functioning, Plantronics designed their system to combine the best of the outside world, with the convenience of the indoors.

An Immersive New Working Experience

For innovators in the open office environment who really want to make the most out of their space, Plantronics Habitat Soundscaping is the perfect way to relax in nature while you’re still indoors. It creates an immersive experience that’s intended to keep workers feeling happy and energised all day long.


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