Cisco Get a Head Start on Mobility with Their 500 Headset Series

The benefits of Cisco's new headset range

Cisco Get a Head Start on Mobility with Their 500 Headset Series

Cisco, a company with years of heritage in the communication environment, has a strong heritage in endpoints and desk phones. For years, Cisco phones have been paving the way for clearer communication in many enterprise and call centre environments. Yet, until recently, Cisco had never ventured beyond the desk phone into the realm of the headset.

Now that the world is becoming increasingly hands-free and mobile, Cisco has launched its product portfolio into the future with the Cisco Headset 500 Series, a selection of mobile, headsets ideal for eliminating distractions in the business environment and improving worker satisfaction.

Solving the Problems of the Modern Workforce

Whether you’re listening to music as you work to maintain productivity or engaging in an important call in a busy office environment, Cisco wants to make sure that you have the endpoints you need to thrive.

The Cisco Headset 500 series is specifically designed to connect people to the benefits of the Cisco network.  The full 500 from Cisco seems to be intended for the worker of tomorrow. All the headsets in the 500 Series come with the option to customise audio settings according to your preferences. Engineers created the earphones to be optimised for best-in-class performance with Cisco soft clients, infrastructure and devices. Options include:

  • The 530 Series: The first headsets delivered by Cisco were the 530 series, which were intended to support the needs of contact centre employees with features like noise reduction, excellent audio quality, and quick-disconnect
  • The 560 series: The latest models in the 500 series (the 561 and 562) are wireless DECT models that use the latest encryption technology for end-to-end peace of mind. The 560 models, like the 530 models, come with an LED on the earpiece which show when users are on a call. The 560 models also feature the option to choose from a single-source base station, or multi-base station with support for a maximum of four audio sources
  • The 520 series: Cisco also recently introduced two new wired models that give employees the option to take calls from laptops, mobile devices and IP phones alike. The 521 and 522 UC headsets come with a lightweight design, great sound, and a flexible USB adapter or 3.5mm headphone jack for easy use

Easy-to-Use Headset Innovation

All the headsets in the Cisco 500 range are easy to use and brimming with helpful features. From the moment you plug a Cisco headset into a phone from the Cisco IP Phone 8800 series, you’ll be guided through a simple process for set-up, where you can customise your audio settings, and adjust microphone boost as necessary.

Additionally, Cisco has combined their range of new headsets with a more natural management system for the IT team, through Cisco Unified Communications Manager. The platform allows system administrators to monitor headset inventory, perform firmware upgrades, and deliver diagnostics from the same panel they use to handle their UC infrastructure, with no need for additional software or complexity.

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