Jabra Engage 50 Review: An Enhanced Corded Headset

The latest digital headset from Jabra

Jabra Engage 50 Review: An Enhanced Corded Headset

Leading headset developer, Jabra recently announced the development of the Engage 50, their professional corded headset designed to boost engagement and enhance customer satisfaction.

In a world where customer experience is key to success, Jabra’s Engage 50 headset is intended to raise the standards for call quality throughout the industry. Jabra also believes that the innovative engineering in the Engage 50 will help to boost productivity among employees and solve the problems that everyday agents face in providing exceptional customer service.

Features of the Jabra Engage 50 Headset

Jabra recently found that 73% of agents in a modern work environment believe that “noise” has a negative impact on their productivity. The Engage 50 was explicitly designed for softphone-focused business environments, where noise and disruption are common.

Through the Jabra Engage 50 headset, agents can enjoy an innovative three-microphone system that eliminates breathing sounds, background noise, and other distractions, providing callers and customers with a more enhanced experience. Features include:

  • Stereo (or mono) sound and super wideband audio
  • Hearing protection for agents
  • Noise-cancelling 3 microphone system
  • Passive noise cancellation
  • Meets Skype for Business Office requirements
  • Live on-screen microphone guidance
  • USB-C connectivity
  • Comfortable and customisable
  • Two integrated busy lights
  • Rich call analytics
Jabra Engage 50 Stereo Mono

Jabra Engage 50 – Stereo and Mono

Benefits of the Jabra Engage 50 Headset

The Jabra Engage 50 headset was created with state-of-the-art software that includes in-depth analytics for businesses in need of data-driven insights within their customer experience strategy. At the same time, the headset also addresses a major pain point for the modern agent – noise. Benefits include:

  • Support for productivity: When using the Engage 50, agents can access live on-screen guidance to help them offer better support to customers. They can also see when they need to adjust their microphone boom arm when it isn’t in the ideal position
  • Analytics: The Jabra Express software offered alongside the Engage 50 provides a better overview of data for groups and individual users at once. Business leaders can assess things like background noise measurements, and other issues that might be affecting productivity
  • Banish distractions: The Engage headset also helps to eliminate some of the interruptions that prevent agents from focusing on their work. The multi-colour lights on the earcups can be customised to tell coworkers when an agent cannot be disturbed during an urgent call or session

Availability and How to Buy

Jabra headsets are available throughout the Americas, Europe, APAC region and the Middle East and Africa from selected resellers. You can purchase the Jabra Engage 50 headset through retailers at a price of £175 for the stereo version, or £160 for the Mono version.

The Engage 50 stereo headset is ideal for anyone who runs a contact centre or calling environment where agents may be distracted by noise. Open offices, in particular, could benefit from this noise-cancelling headset.

Finishing Thoughts

According to the SVP for Business Solutions at Jabra, Holger Reisinger, industry research indicates that 90% of organisations now consider customer satisfaction to be a crucial competitive differentiator. Jabra engineered their Engage 50 headset to tackle some of the challenges that agents face when it comes to providing customers with the level of support and service that they deserve.

Jabra believes that there is no other headset on the market today that can offer the same combination of features, noise cancellation and audio quality to modern agents and employees. What’s more, the rich call analytics built into the system makes it easier for organisations around the world to make more informed decisions about the future of their CX strategy.


3.7 out of 5

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