New Plantronics Headsets Overcome Open Office Challenges

New Plantronics Headsets Overcome Open Office Challenges

As the office environment continues to transform thanks to the rise of globalisation and remote working, many companies are beginning to experiment with concepts like the “open office” environment.

For some workers, these open office spaces represent the perfect solution for immersive and straightforward collaboration, for others, they’re a distraction. Plantronics, a leader in the audio and communications space, has developed a solution for those who struggle to focus in an open office environment. The new Savi 8200 series of wireless headsets will reduce noise and distractions in any professional space with features like:

  • Active noise cancellation and a new close conversation-limiting feature
  • An unprecedented range of up to 590 feet allowing employees to roam away from the desk

Responding to the Needs of the Modern Workforce

Plantronics believes that the open office can provide opportunities for employees to work smarter if they have the right tools and technologies required to empower communication and collaboration. According to the EVP of the Headset unit for Plantronics, Shantanu Sarkar, the noise-cancelling and mobile headphones from Plantronics should make a significant difference in job satisfaction and employee productivity, by limiting open office distractions.

As well as an impressive roaming distance and active noise cancellation, the Savi 8200 headsets also come in hi-fi stereo or mono options depending on user preference. In today’s busy workplaces, these headsets could provide employees with the focus that they need to thrive.

The Voyager 4200 UC Series for “Corridor Warriors”

The introduction of the Savi 8200 Series isn’t the only exciting innovation that Plantronics is bringing to the open office workspace. The company has also introduced a solution for “corridor warriors” as they call them – people who need to move freely throughout the office.

Voyager 4200 UC

The Voyager 4200 UC headset series is the most recent addition to Plantronics award-winning Voyager line for crystal-clear communication. The headsets are the first Voyager solutions to receive the Open Office certification from Skype for Business, and employees will be able to achieve over-the-ear-comfort with up to 12 hours of battery-based talk-time and features like “dynamic mute alert.”

Both the Voyager 4200 headsets and the Savi 8200 solutions will integrate seamlessly with Plantronics Manager Pro, the company’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that’s sold separately by Plantronics. This means that IT professionals will be able to centrally provision and manage the headsets with new capabilities and updates that suit everyday users.

The Voyager 4200 UC Series and Savi 8200 Series headsets are both available for order today, and they will be ready to start shipping at the end of November 2018.


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