Revealing The Ultralight New Snom A150 Wireless DECT Headset

A new wireless DECT headset from Snom

Revealing The Ultralight New Snom A150 Wireless DECT Headset

Snom, the premium manufacturer of business IP phones, recently announced the delivery of a brand-new addition to their  range of DECT headsets. Designed to be stylish, comfortable, and convenient, these wireless DECT headsets are excellent for employees on-the-go. The new A150 headset is ideally suited for all-day wear, with a lightweight design for absolute freedom of movement while making calls.

The A150 features a stylish over-ear design that combines premium comfort with the high-quality audio that clients have come to expect from Snom. With new features and a wide variety of useful functions to explore, the Snom A150 wireless DECT headset is sure to make a powerful new addition to the Snom portfolio and support countless communications in the modern workforce.

Introducing the Snom A150 wireless DECT headset

Hannes Krueger

Hannes Krueger

Both aesthetically designed and highly functional, the Snom A150 wireless DECT headset allows Snom to provide a high-quality alternative to restrictive wired devices. The DECT technology in the A150 means that this new Snom headset is immune to the faults and range issues common among Bluetooth headsets. According to the product manager for Snom, Hannes Krueger, the A150 provides users with a range of up to 15 metres in the typical office building.

Similar Bluetooth headsets can’t manage even a third of that range, setting Snom’s DECT solutions apart for the employee that wants the freedom to remain genuinely mobile. Alongside the impressive range of the Snom A150, users will also be able to enjoy the benefits of a feather-light build and a selection of earpieces for a really comfortable fit for hours of hands-free mobile telephony.

The A150 is intended to provide a pleasant wearing experience, even if you spend your entire workday making and receiving calls.

Another Excellent Offering From Snom

The high-performance A150 ultralight headset boasts a range of high-quality features, including a noise-reducing microphone to ensure background noise interference is excluded from calls. The A150 also guarantees phenomenal sound and playback quality. The buttons on the headset allow users to maintain complete control when it comes to managing things like volume control, pick-up and dropping calls, and muting conversations.

Snom A150 DECT Headset


The new Snom headset comes with a charging dock and power supply unit, as well as a range of earpieces to choose from for customised comfort. There’s also a Snom A230 DECT USB stick included, which allows users to connect their Snom telephone with their new headset. For more detailson the A150 DECT headset, check out the Snom website.


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