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Sennheiser Headsets Certified for Amazon Chime

Sennheiser USB headsets now certified for Amazon real-time UC solution

Sennheiser Headsets Certified for Amazon Chime

Sennheiser Communications, a company known for developing award-winning headsets for business professionals, recently announced new certifications for 2 of its products. The Sennheiser SC 165 USB and D10 USB are both officially certified with Amazon Chime. The accreditation comes after Sennheiser joined the AWS Partner Network in March of this year.

The two USB plug-and-play headsets available from Sennheiser are the first to be certified as interoperable with Amazon Chime. The D10 is designed for office-based professionals, while the SC 165 USB is intended for flexible and mobile workers.

Upgrading Functionality with Amazon Chime

Amazon Chime is the real-time UC solution designed and delivered by Amazon. The solution makes meetings more efficient and more straightforward to conduct, providing high-quality video and audio both inside and outside of the organisation with a single application. Amazon Chime runs using the AWS system, which ensures that in-house business IT teams don’t have to worry about managing and deploying complicated UC infrastructure themselves.

According to Sid Rao, GM for Amazon Chime – the brand is thrilled to be welcoming the Sennheiser USB products to the Chime family. They’re looking forward to seeing more products from Sennheiser becoming compatible with Chime in the future too. Now that Sennheiser users can combine exceptional headset functionality with Amazon Chime UC functionality, they’ll be able to enjoy greater efficiency and productivity than ever before.

About the Chime-Accredited Headsets

The first two headsets to receive official integration with Amazon Chime are the SC 165 USB and the D10 USB. Sennheiser designed the SC 165 USB to suit the always-on-the-go lifestyle of the mobile worker who wants to be able to work from anywhere. Comfortable and convenient, the wired headset responds to the needs of modern professionals. What’s more, as part of the SC 100 series, the system comes with excellent sound quality, regardless of whether you’re using it for multimedia, music, or communication.

Theis Mork

Theis Mork

The D10 USB headset from Sennheiser was designed for the professional working in the traditional office environment. It works with desk phone devices and softphones or PCs. The D10 delivers wireless freedom to people who want more flexibility to move around in the office. What’s more, like all Sennheiser products, users can depend on excellent sound quality with incredible DECT reliability.

According to Theis Mork, the VP of Product Management for Enterprise Solutions with Sennheiser, the company is thrilled to have achieved Selected Tech partner status with their USB headsets in the AWS partner network. Sennheiser is excited to have connected their first two solutions to Amazon Chime, and they believe that the integration will allow them to offer even better experiences to customers – no matter what kind of workforce they’re in.



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