Improve Conference Reach with the Sennheiser SP 220 Dual Speakerphone

Sennheiser launches their brand-new portable solution for UC

Improve Conference Reach with the Sennheiser SP 220 Dual Speakerphone

During Enterprise Connect 2017, which took place in Orlando, Florida this year, Sennheiser launched their new SP 220 creation, a dual-speakerphone portable solution for unified communication that’s designed to offer clear communication to every conference member. The latest solution is designed for the dynamic and fast-moving workplaces that exist today, relying upon dependable communication solutions. This scalable and flexible conferencing solution connects instantly via tablet, mobile, or PC, and is perfect for the creation of high-quality audio conferences, from large meeting rooms with up to 12 members, to smaller huddle rooms.

The technology builds upon the award-winning solutions within the Sennheiser Speakerphone Series, and the SP 220 dual speakerphone adds style and reach to a range of conference rooms, allowing a greater number of users to uncover and experience the exceptional voice clarity and sound quality that Sennheiser has to offer.

Designed for the Mobile Workforce

As today’s businesses continue to adopt remote and flexible practices for working, the number of meetings that are conducted in a mobile platform is increasing. However, this dynamic new working culture presents a range of challenges to companies. Usually, meetings are held with numerous participants dialling-in remotely, and it’s more difficult than ever to use dedicated facilities for conferencing.

According to the director of product management for Sennheiser, Brian Brosbol, when the success of business meetings relies upon communication, the Sennheiser speakerphone series has proven itself to be a reliable solution. Sennheiser consistently offers professional-quality sound in ad hoc meeting environments. The latest SP 220 is simply enhancing the sophisticated, yet affordable communication solution to meet with demands for more participants.

The SP 220 is simply an evolution of the Sennheiser acclaimed speakerphone series, which has been given a number of awards, including the German Design Award, and the If design and Red Dot awards. Along with its sophisticated appearance, the SP 220 also delivers Sennheiser’s renowned high-definition audio, reverb and echo control, and music playback in full stereo. The latest SP 220 is optimised for all major softphone and UC brands, and certified for Skype for Business.

Thanks to the unique software, two speakerphone units are able to work together through seamless connectivity, ensuring that as many as 12 meeting participants at a time can speak naturally. The units also allow for easy operation of call control functions and improved feelings of participation. The system is flexible and easy to use, and each of the speaker units can be accessed individually for smaller conferences and personal calls.

Consistent High-Quality Sound

The latest Sennheiser solution builds upon the company’s 70 years of sound-based excellence. This SP 220 ensures the most organic and effective listening experience in important conferences and business calls for both listeners and speakers alike. With the addition of Sennheiser voice clarity, and the performance from two speakerphones synchronized and placed within arms’ reach of each participant, it’s easy to be heard clearly.

Additionally, because appearances count, the SP 220 shares the incredible design of the Sennheiser full speakerphone series, making it perfect for modern conference solutions where audio clarity and style go hand-in-hand.

The new SP 220 is great for quality-first businesses that need to ensure they’re prepared for larger conferences. The SP 220 effortlessly improves business-class communications, and individual units can be effortlessly connected to tablets or mobile devices for high-quality audio communications.


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