Swyx and Sennheiser Join Together for UC

Unified communications and expert audio go hand-in-hand

Swyx and Sennheiser Join Together for UC
Chief Technology Officer for Swyx, Martin Classen

Chief Technology Officer for Swyx, Martin Classen

There are many factors that go into making a unified communications experience a success. While new technology and collaboration features abound, the importance of impeccable audio will always remain at the top of most priority lists. Sennheiser, one of the world’s best-known leading solutions for exceptional audio solutions, recently announced their collaboration with UC specialist, Swyx.

The announcement outlined Sennheiser’s cooperation with the unified communications company and the fact that Sennheiser products are now fully certified for use with Swyx solutions.

Announcing the Swyx and Sennheiser Collaboration

Swyx has made a name for themselves as an innovative and reliable unified communications provider in the small to mid-sized business section. By announcing their decision to make Sennheiser an “alliance program partner”, Swyx are hoping to draw additional attention to the overall value of their collaboration services.

The range of Sennheiser products that will be available for Swyx interaction includes DECT-based phones, wired telephony solutions, Bluetooth headsets, and speakerphones. Each piece of technology has been carefully tested and certified by Swyx, to deliver the smoothest interoperability for partners and consumers. Following the successful integration, Sennheiser options can now be used alongside the softphone client for Swyx, featuring plug and play solutions.

Users will now be able to make their laptop or PC into a fully intuitive communications tool for productivity and performance. The combination of HD audio and Sennheiser devices should allow for effortless communications between customers.

A Powerful Connection for Swyx and Sennheiser

President of Sennheiser Communications, Andreas Bach

President of Sennheiser Communications, Andreas Bach

According to the Chief Technology Officer for Swyx, Martin Classen, the integration is cause for celebration among both brands. Swyx is thrilled to welcome Sennheiser into their community as a technology alliance program partner, particularly since Sennheiser boasts such a long-standing heritage of exceptional audio performance. Certified plug-and-play interoperability should help mutual customers of both companies achieve more productivity and efficiency within the workforce.

Additionally, the president of Sennheiser Communications, Andreas Bach announced that the company was thrilled to establish a partnership with Swyx, and the corresponding interoperability with the award-winning UC solutions the brand provides for SMBs. The new collaboration should mean that Sennheiser has an advanced opportunity to reach out to new customers across their network with fantastic audio products.


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