The Best Plantronics Headsets for Contact Centres 2018

Power up the contact centre with Plantronics

The Best Plantronics Headsets for Contact Centres 2018

Headsets are by far one of the most important features in any contact centre.

The right headset delivers efficiency and productivity to your workforce, by giving them a comfortable way to engage in immersive conversations. At the same time, high-quality headsets block out external noise and deliver exceptional audio to provide your customers with a first-class experience.

Plantronics is a leader in world-class headset technology, delivering incredible collaboration experiences built on the back of 55 years of audio and collaboration innovation. Plantronics supports every Fortune 100 company through their abundant selection of headsets, software, conferencing, and desk phone technology. Today, we’re going to examine just 3 of the top headsets to hit the market for 2018.

The EncorePro 500 Digital Series

Encore Pro 500

Encore Pro 500 – click to enlarge

The EncorePro 500 Digital Series is a unique solution for any contact centre. Designed with Plantronics’ superior audio quality, the system provides both a fully-integrated headset and asset management service, so IT staff can easily track and manage headset usage.

Features include:

  • Flexible unibody boom
  • Convertible wearing styles (3-in-one)
  • Adjustable fit
  • Inventory management in-built
  • Noise-cancelling microphone
  • Laser-welded construction
  • Aluminium joints (aircraft grade)
  • DA90 USB audio processor

Far more than your standard headset, the EncorePro 500 series is a dependable headset engineered to suit any customer service need. Because this headset has Plantronics Manager Pro built-in, it’s specifically tailored to a contact centre environment, where IT needs to be able to access insights about a range of devices at once. Features we love include:

  • Exceptional all-day performance: The noise-cancelling microphone and wideband audio ensures that all contact centre agents have the tools they need to interact with customers through clear and crisp conversations
  • Multiple options for wear: Your agents can choose from over-the-ear, over-the-head and convertible designs to enhance comfort. As a system designed for all-day wear, the EncorePro 500 Digital Series is specially suited to the demands of the contact centre, with an adjustable fit and flexible boom to ensure constant wearability
  • Simple headset management: The built-in Plantronics Manager Pro means your IT team can remotely monitor, manage, and maintain your company’s headsets, to ensure that representatives are always ready to connect with customers. For companies in the customer service industry, this means simplicity and satisfaction

The EncorePro 700 Digital Series

Encore Pro 700

Encore Pro 700

The next step up in Plantronics’ approach to enhanced audio and asset management, is the EncorePro 700 Digital Series. Complete with DA90 USB audio processor, and of course, the incredible Plantronics Manager Pro, the service provides all the insights and convenience you’d expect from the EncorePro 500 series, with added features built-in.

This headset offers:

  • Premium audio experiences
  • Streamlined inventory management with Plantronics Manager Pro
  • Nylon Composite Materials
  • Unique Boom Design
  • Monaural and Stereo wearing options
  • Reinforced headband

The luxurious slimline design of the Plantronics EncorePro 700 helps it to stand out in the headset market. The system was designed using premium materials, which means that you get an ultra-lightweight headset, ideal for all-day wear. There’s also a “quick disconnect” feature, which means that your agents can leave their desks quickly without fumbling with their headsets. Elements we love include:

  • Unique extendable Boom: The extendable boom means that your agents can enjoy exceptionally clear conversations with your customers, thanks to adjustable noise cancellation and positioning. At the same time, the wideband audio means that your customer service representatives get more vibrant sound, for a reduced risk of listening fatigue
  • Plantronics Manager Pro: Like the EncorePro 500 series, the 700 solution also comes with Plantronics Manager Pro built in to simplify headset management for IT teams, you can handle everything from fixes and upgrades remotely, to keep the entire contact centre running smoothly
  • Comfort: From the leatherette ear cushions to the nylon composite materials, throughout the headset, The Plantronics EncorePro 700 was built with quality and support in mind. The microphone arm is even conveniently situated so that it’s not lingering in your peripheral vision when you’re trying to concentrate on a call

Voyager Focus UC

Voyager Focus UC

Voyager Focus UC

Introducing the most advanced option in the Plantronics headset portfolio. The Voyager Focus UC is intended to help contact centre agents maintain productivity and focus during crucial client conversations. It’s completely wireless, which is ideal for today’s mobile workforce, and it’s noise-cancelling abilities are second-to-none.

Features include:

  • Multi-device connectivity
  • Dynamic mute alert
  • Desktop charging stand
  • Active noise cancelling
  • Comfort headband
  • Bluetooth USB mini adapter
  • OpenMic/Mute
  • Adaptive controls
  • Online indicator light
  • Smart Sensor Technology

This wireless headset from Plantronics offers seamless connectivity to smartphones and PCs alike, as well as some of the leading applications in the UC marketplace. Up to 98 feet of wireless range means that agents can walk around freely, without having to compromise on crystal clear audio. Features we love include:

  • Active and passive noise cancelling: One of the most immersive audio experiences on the market, the Plantronics Voyager Focus UC offers terrific passive and active noise cancelling solutions so that you can concentrate exclusively on the call at hand. What’s more, with three precise microphones and muting options available, your callers get to hear your agents with the same level of clarity. Plantronics also includes “SoundGuard” with Voyager Focus UC
  • Smart sensors: Using contextual intelligence, Plantronics’ most intelligent headset can keep up with your conversations, and your actions. If you take the headset off or put it on, it can automatically mute and un-mute calls. You can also control the mute functions at the touch of a button. If you try to talk when your microphone is on silent, the headset will remind you
  • Plantronics Hub: Like many of Plantronics’ headset solutions, the Voyager Focus UC also comes with software functionality built-in. This means that you get call control over a range of softphones, a battery meter that demonstrates how much life your headset has left in it, and a control panel that allows you to customise various settings, including call notifications. There are also UC features that automatically update your presence when you’re on a call

Choosing the Perfect Plantronics Headset

With over 55 years in the audio industry, it’s safe to say that Plantronics knows how to create a fantastic headset. From the simplicity and convenience of the EncorePro 500 and 700 series to the profoundly immersive UC solution offered by the Voyager Focus, there’s something for any kind of contact centre, no matter how big or small.

With all three options mentioned above from Plantronics, you get the convenience of software integration, the comfort of high-quality design, and the exceptional audio you need to make the right business connections.

Have you tried any of the headsets above yet? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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