Nureva Enters Indian Market with Nvincy Solutions

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Nureva Appoints Nvincy Solutions as Indian Distributor

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Nureva Enters Indian Market with Nvincy Solutions

Leading Audio-Conferencing solutions provider, Nureva, recently announced its expansion into the Indian market with the help of Nvincy Solutions. Nvincy is a well-known value-added distributor championed for its long-term relationships with both resellers and their end customers.

The Nvincy team has already begun to bring Nureva technology like the HDL200 system into the Indian market, where there’s a rapidly growing demand for tools that can support the new age of hybrid work. Nureva’s audio systems are increasingly gaining global attention, with adoption from leading companies like the BBC, Allianz, Procter & Gamble, and many others.

Tools like the HDL200 system with its patented Microphone Mist technology, bring reliable and clear audio experiences into any meeting or learning environment.

Bringing Audio Innovation into India

According to Frost & Sullivan Senior Industry Director for the Connected Work Business Unit, Roopam Jain, Nureva is leading the market with the idea that collaboration users shouldn’t have to compromise on great experiences. The leading audio tools from Nureva are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the technology landscape to stay on the cutting edge.

The Microphone Mist technology, for instance, can fill a room with virtual microphones to help maintain a clear audio environment as participants move around, and abide by social distancing guidelines. Nureva systems all come with full-room microphone pickup, constant autocalibration, and easy installation to adapt to any meeting room environment.

Now that the pandemic has accelerated the trend for hybrid and remote work by several years, many companies in India are looking for a way to further support their dynamic workforce with access to excellent remote collaboration. Companies have already revealed that they’re planning to reduce the number of employees working in the office in India by a significant portion. TCS, an IT services firm believes that only 25 percent of its staff will be in-office by 2025.

This trend and the rising demand for better collaboration between remote teams has made Nureva technology a powerful tool for many growing companies. Nvincy is wonderfully positioned to drive adoption for Nureva’s engaging audio solutions throughout India in the years to come.

Expanding Nureva’s Global Reach

Following the pandemic, the need for reliable solutions for audio conferencing has accelerated on a massive scale. As businesses continue to adopt hybrid working models, dispersed teams know that reliable, clear audio is essential for getting work done. The Nvincy team Director, Saugato Siddhanta, said that the company is thrilled to be representing Nureva in India.

Nancy Knowlton, the CEO of Nureva, said that the company is thrilled to have Nvincy introducing the HDL200 technology to the Indian market.



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