Business Communications Made Simple with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Phones

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Introduce Premium DeskPhone s Enterprise Phones

Business Communications Made Simple with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Phones

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, a leader in communication solutions worldwide, recently introduced their new collection of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise premium desk-based phones and cordless DECT phones, called the premium DeskPhone s series. This new “s” series includes everything enterprises need for business communications, including exceptional contextual menus, a unique search keyboard for quick communication, centralised management solutions, and built-in Bluetooth for some models.

With the new “s” premium series, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise hope to give their customers and clients a new level of high-quality communication experiences through improvements in mobility and use, that expand from improved ergonomics, to a host of mobile-friendly features. For instance:

  • Superior HD Audio standard on the 8078s, 8068s, and 8058s models
  • Colour screen and ambient light sensor on the 8078s, 8068s, and 8058s models for a screen that’s easier to read in any environment
  • 5mm headset port, and a USB available to connect further devices. A second port is also included on the 8078s, 8068s, and 8058s models
  • Various mobile-friendly features like advanced hotdesking solutions, and VPN (virtual private network) connectivity
  • Bluetooth solutions for the 8078s and 8068s models designed to connect the phones to sensors


A Closer Look at the DeskPhone s Series Portfolio

Let’s examine this new premium portfolio a little further then:

  • The 8028s: At the lowest end of the portfolio, the 8028s Premium DeskPhone is designed to give office workers better performance and function with a simple black and white screen, convenient multi-line management, and speed-dial keys
  • The 8058s: Next, the 8058s comes with a 3.5-inch colour screen, as well as four electronic keys for speed-dialling
  • The 8068s: The 8068s Premium DeskPhone provides managers with greater functionality thanks to a large colour screen for simple multi-line call management services, as well as supervision over group calls. The system also comes with a Bluetooth handset which allows for the connection of a smartphone headset with a 10m range
  • The 8078s: The 8078s Premium DeskPhone configuration comes equipped with a 5-inch colour touchscreen, with Bluetooth LE (low energy) and standard Bluetooth, as well as s-link capabilities that allow mobile users to leverage their deskphone audio within the office for an exceptional audio experience

The full Premium DeskPhone s series can be used as a fundamental building block for developing new services, including indoor location solutions for customers across vertical industries.

The New DECT Phones

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise have also created a new range of DECT wireless phones to assist in keeping people connected, even in the most challenging environments. For instance, the industrial-grade 8262 EX DECT phone provides a shock-proof screen, rugged body, and integrated no-movement, man-down emergency capabilities, similar to the previous 8262. It is now certified as “explosion-proof” for some industries, including gas and oil manufacturing.

What’s more, the latest 8242, and 8232 DECT handsets come with improved talk-time and durability, along with a stronger charging system, and a compatibility with existing Alcatel-Lucent  Enterprise accessories and infrastructure.

With the new business phone portfolio, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise partners should see a range of benefits from a feature-rich collection of communication devices. The flexibility of the latest Premium DECT phones and DeskPhone solutions have been designed to suit the needs of specialised industries, including hospitality and healthcare, where customised services can improve customer experiences dramatically.


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