Grandstream Introduces New DECT Portfolio

Announcing the Latest Generation of DECT Phones

Grandstream Introduces New DECT Portfolio

Grandstream Networks, a leader in SIP Unified communication solutions and diverse endpoint products, recently announced their new DECT portfolio. Built on almost 2 decades of industry expertise, the latest range of next-gen DECT cordless phones are designed for convenience and performance.

The new range includes the DP722 and DP730 – two high-power DECT cordless handsets with robust mobility and high-clarity audio features. There’s also a DECT station for long-range support available. The DP752 offers a range outdoors of as much as 400 metres. Together, the DP752, DP722, and DP730 combine to provide an incredible long-range VoIP solution with state-of-the-art sound quality.

What to Expect from the New DECT Range

According to the CEO of Grandstream, David Li, today’s businesses need access to mobile tools that maintain worker productivity, regardless of where employees are. The latest DECT IP series from Grandstream will help to mobilise the modern VoIP network with an affordable price point.

Main features of the DP752 DECT Base station include:

  • Support for up to 5 Grandstream DP DECT handsets through instant pairing. 10 SIP accounts supported per system
  • Market-leading range outdoors of up to 400 metres with the DP730. Up to 350 metres available with the DP720 and DP722
  • Support for all significant voice codecs including G.722, wideband opus, narrow band711 and more

Features of the DP730 DECT Handset include:

  • 4-inch colour LCD with 3 programmable keys
  • Support for up to 400-metre outdoor range and 50 metres indoors with the DP752.
  • Support for up to 10 lines per handset and 10 SIP accounts as well as 3-way conferencing
  • Built-in accelerometer and proximity sensors for gesture control, and dedicated push-to-talk button
  • HD audio for headset jack, handset, and speakerphone
  • Video-streaming display with 1-touch control integration via the Grandstream GDS door camera series
  • Over-the-air firmware and software updates

Features of the DP722 DECT Handset include:

  • 8-inch colour LCD with 2 soft keys
  • 350 metres of range outdoors and 50 metres indoors with the DP752
  • 250 hours of standby time, 20 hours of talk-time
  • 10 lines per handset and 10 SIP accounts, as well as 3-way conferencing
  • Video streaming and integration with Grandstream GDS door camera series for one-touch door control.
  • Software and firmware update support over the air

Welcome to the New Generation of DECT Phone

Grandstream DECT DP 730

Grandstream DECT DP 730 – click to enlarge

According to Grandstream, the new range of DECT IP phones have been created to support the most demanding applications and requirements in the workplace. The devices are packed full of competitive features, including exceptional wireless range, gesture control, push-to-talk, voice and video integration, extended battery lives and more.

The new generation of DECT phones from Grandstream will allow modern companies to empower mobile communication in their teams. Each device delivers robust collaboration, communication, and operation in any environment.

Both the DP730 and DP752 are generally available for purchase today. The DP722 will be available through GrandStream’s distribution channel in mid-March.


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