Unify OpenScape CP Desk Phone Review

Exploring the CP family from OpenScape

Unify OpenScape CP Desk Phone Review

As the communication marketplace continues to change with new software and technology appearing at a rapid pace, desk phones continue to be a valuable part of the business environment. Though there are organisations out there that can get by with softphones and headsets, 3 quarters of firms still use the traditional desk phone as their IP endpoint.

Unify, operating under the Atos brand, delivers some of the most reliable and well-respected desk phone solutions to today’s organisations. Unify’s OpenScape “CP” portfolio of desk phones was designed to provide companies with better interoperability in an evolving environment, along with easy-to-use features, and high-quality audio.

Here’s everything you need to know about the CP portfolio.

Features and Benefits:

Unify designed their OpenScape CP desk phones with a focus on interoperability, intuitiveness, and efficiency. Every device in the CP range comes with:

  • Stunning aesthetic design
  • Easy usability for the rapid onboarding of new employees
  • Auto-pairing and locking with Bluetooth
  • Eddystone Beacon URL sharing
  • Built-in Gigabit Ethernet and circuit integration
  • High-def AudioPresence HD voice technology

Models available in the OpenScape Desk Phone CP range include:

The CP200/ CP205 OpenScape Desk Phone

Designed as an entry-level solution for companies on a low budget, the OpenScape CP200, and CP205 phones are feature-rich, cost-effective devices with state-of-the-art voice quality. Capabilities include:

  • 2-line graphical display (monochrome)
  • Colour-coded LED notification lights
  • 4 Programmable feature keys
  • 5 Fixed feature keys
  • 4-way navigator
  • 3 Audio keys
  • Volume control
  • Hands-free talking
  • Headset port
  • Ethernet Switch 10/100
  • PoE
  • Wall mountable

The CP205 includes all the features above, plus an a 10/100/1000 base-T ethernet switch and IEEE 802.3af PoE.

The CP400 OpenScape Desk Phone

The mid-tier option from Unify, this OpenScape CP400 desk phone is well-suited for office environments, with a host of programmable keys, a “tilt-able” graphics display, and more. Features include:

  • 16 programmable feature keys with LED
  • 4-way navigator
  • 3 audio keys
  • Volume Control
  • Open listening/ Hands-free talking
  • Headset port
  • 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet switch
  • IEEE 802.3af PoE
  • IEEE Energy efficient ethernet
  • Circuit conversation integration
  • Key module optional
OpenScape Desk Phone CP400

OpenScape Desk
Phone CP400 (SIP & HFA)

The CP600 OpenScape Desk Phone

The OpenScape CP600 Desk phone is the high-quality, feature-rich solution for collaborative workplaces that can’t afford to compromise on communication. Capabilities include:

  • Tiltable TFT graphical display (4.3 inches)
  • Colour screen for the CP600 (Greyscale for CP600E)
  • LED backlight
  • Notification LEDs
  • 5 context-sensitive soft keys
  • 2 fixed feature keys
  • 4-way navigator
  • 3 audio keys
  • SD card interface
  • Near-field communication
  • Hands-free talking
  • Headset port
  • Bluetooth 2.1 and Bluetooth 4.1 LE
  • 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet switch
  • IEEE 802.3az energy efficient ethernet
  • Circuit conversation list integration
  • IEE 802.3af PoE
  • Wall mountable
  • Key module 600 (optional integration)
OpenScape Desk Phone CP600

OpenScape Desk
Phone CP600 (SIP & HFA)

Unify OpenScape CP Expansion Modules

Companies interested in expanding the capabilities of the Unify OpenScape CP range can also purchase expansion modules. Currently, there are two expansion modules available, as well as a wall mounting device available for businesses that want to save desk space. The expansion modules are:

The KM400

Features include:

  • 16 programmable feature keys
  • 2 modules max per phone

The KM600

Features include:

  • High contrast monochrome TFT display
  • 12 programmable feature keys
  • 2 navigation keys
  • Max of 4 modules for the CP600 or 2 for the COP600E

Target Market & Regional Availability

The Unify OpenScape CP portfolio of desk phones are available to businesses of any shape or size around the world. Thanks to their wide selection of phones to suit almost any IP endpoint requirement or budget, Unify appeals to everyone from large contact centres, to small companies with a single customer service desk.

How to Buy & Pricing

Unify take their IP phones to market through a team of dedicated resellers. To purchase a CP phone, contact your local reseller, or get in touch with Unify to find out more. Currently, the average price for each phone is:

  • CP200: £122.39 including VAT (£101.99 ex VAT)
  • CP205: £162.00 including VAT (£135.00 ex VAT)
  • CP400: £281.99 including VAT (£234.99 ex VAT)
  • CP600: £311.99 including VAT (£259.99 ex VAT)

Finishing Thoughts and FAQ

The Unify OpenScape CP range delivers intuitive and innovative desk phone solutions to companies that still rely on a traditional endpoint for exceptional communication. Whether you’re looking for something simple with an entry-level device like the CP200, or you need an advanced call management system with the CP600, Unify has plenty to offer.

Q: How Does Unify’s CP Range Deliver Excellent Voice Quality?

A: The CP Deskphone family uses industry-leading HD voice transition through Unify’s patented “AudioPresence HD” solution. AudioPresence HD ensures that you always get an immersive experience whether in a one-to-one call or a conference.

Q: What is the Eddystone Beacon?

A: The Eddystone Bluetooth beacon allows the CP600 phone to collect and share powerful information. Customers using the CP600 can access the Eddystone beacon to track and find things, people, and more.


4.1 out of 5

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