Yealink Introduces New T5 Business Phones

Updated T5 business phone series from Yealink

Yealink Introduces New T5 Business Phones

Yealink, world-renowned manufacturers of innovative collaboration and communication solutions, recently announced the delivery of their new T5 business phone series, as well as the accompanying VP59 Smart video flagship phone.

With a reputation for pioneering endpoint devices, the Yealink team developed the impressive new T5 series to suit the needs of the modern workforce. According to the vendor, it’s the most advanced IP phone portfolio delivered in the industry, with leading technology at the help. The T5 Business Phone Series is designed to provide state-of-the-art personalised experiences for companies in search of flexible collaboration solutions.

Something to Suit Everyone

Within the T5 Business phone series, there are 7 models in total, each with features to support different workplace demands. All devices come with an impressive ergonomic design, and large LCDs so you can make the most out of the visual experiences that you encounter at work. The fully-adjustable HD screen can be customised to suit your lighting, sitting position and more.

Additionally, to support today’s employees, the Yealink T5 Series also comes with the pioneering “Acoustic Shield” technology from Yealink. With this tech, a virtual shield is embedded over each phone model, using multiple microphones to protect the conversation from distracting outside noises. This means that the person on the other end of the conversation gets the most transparent possible audio – ideal for boosting productivity and customer satisfaction.

Industry Leading Connectivity

In an era where the best desktop devices need to be as flexible and easy-to-use as possible, Yealink has also prioritised connectivity with the development of the new T5 Series. The latest IP phone models come with advanced Bluetooth and WiFi connections built-in, to create exceptional scalability and convenience for end-users. People who need to connect to their desktop device in a hurry can choose from a range of ways to link to their computer and other peripherals.

T5 yealink Applications

Additionally, the T5 Series supports communication through wireless headsets, and smartphones too. With a corded-cordless phone configuration, users can also enjoy access to seamless switching technology that allows them to take their call away from the desk with a cordless DECT headset. This is ideal for companies contending with the rising demand of mobility in the workforce.

Yealink is using the T5 series to redefine the next generation of collaboration and communication in the enterprise, with the desktop device at the helm.

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