ProAV Celebrates Top Shure Certification

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ProAV completes hundreds of courses with Shure

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ProAV gets top Shure accreditation

Leading AV specialist from Surrey, ProAV, recently celebrated completing an amazing 333 courses at the Shure Audio Institute and earning a massive 150 certifications across 60 staff members. The result of all this hard work is ProAV becoming the most certified team working in Western Europe.

Staff from throughout the business, including Sales, Design, Commissioning, Technical Management, and Service departments, have all engaged in the courses. The training has established a high level of knowledge and expertise throughout the business. When talking about the achievement, Managing Director, Richard Brookes, said that ProAV takes certification seriously, and believes it’s fundamental to its position as a leading technology integrator.

ProAV says that its clients expect the highest level of quality standards and in-depth product knowledge and that SAI (Shure Audio Institute) certification assures this.

Staying Ahead of the Industry Curve

The Shure company has been supporting businesses in creating powerful audio experiences for almost a century, with an extensive background in powerful tools for business communication. The Shure Audio Institute was established as a way of offering companies the training required to make the most of the growing Shure product portfolio. At the same time, it ensures that AV professionals have what it takes to support and empower their end customers.

ProAV stands out as one of the largest AV systems integrators in Europe, committed to helping teams collaborate and communicate on a better level. Award-winning technology combined with state-of-the-art service ensure that ProAV can deliver the kind of meaningful digital transformations that today’s business leaders are looking for.

According to Brookes, ProAV is highly focused on maintaining ongoing training and development as part of the company’s strategy to stay on top in the AV landscape. The ProAV team works hard to establish itself as a leading provider of AV technology and believes that training is an integral part of its long-term strategy for success.

Bringing Expertise to Customers

Director of Integrated Systems, Shure, James Hill, commented on the recent ProAV achievement by commending the team for its incredible effort. According to James, the outcome demonstrates the level of dedication shown by the ProAV team to empower its workforce in delivering incredible product experiences.

Hill notes that the flexible and dynamic nature of the AV sector and the ever-changing marketplace positions the Shure Audio Institute as a powerful part of the overall brand, as it helps to support customers while giving pivotal insights into a vast ecosystem of products. James Hill congratulated ProAV on behalf of the entire Shure team.



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