ReadSpeaker Introduces VoiceLab for Branded Voice

Empowering brands to engage customers via voice

ReadSpeaker Introduces VoiceLab for Branded Voice

Trusted text-to-speech provider for global brands, ReadSpeaker, recently launched the ReadSpeaker VoiceLab, a custom voice production unit intended to support brands around the world. The ReadSpeaker Lab will allow companies to create expressive and user-centric voice-interfaces, leveraging machine learning, and multiple deployment options.

VoiceLab enables companies to create unique solutions for voice that match the specific needs and applications of each business. This ensures that brands can connect with a wide selection of target audiences, in a personalised and compelling environment. What’s more, it offers opportunities to improve customer experience and engagement.

Upgrading Branded Voice Solutions

As today’s customers continue to adopt more voice solutions, with endless individuals purchasing their own smart speakers, brands are beginning to rapidly explore the role of this new technology. Voice tech could play a vital part in encouraging enhanced customer experiences. Additionally, with the voice and speech recognition industry expected to reach a value of $1.46 billion by 2024, brands need to work hard to create the ideal custom solutions if they want to outshine the competition.

The VoiceLab from ReadSpeaker addresses mounting demands for digital and custom voices by offering flexible pathways, allowing any brand regardless of geographic, market, or target audience, to access the power of voice technology. Incorporating context and lexicon into voice solutions help to allow for more sophisticated and unique deployments. The VoiceLab gives voice experience designers, brand managers, and developers the tools required to deliver truly exceptional voice offerings, no matter their timeline or application.

Delivering the ReadSpeaker VoiceLab


Niclas Bergstrom

According to the CTO of ReadSpeaker, Niclas Bergstrom, the company is thrilled to be launching the ReadSpeaker VoiceLab. The development and linguistic teams have been working hard in using the latest Deep Neural Network technology to assist brands in getting the custom voices required to spark recognition in the current landscape.

ReadSpeaker is confident that the VoiceLab will help brands around the world to connect more meaningfully with their customers through various touchpoints. ReadSpeaker offers decades of experience in text-to-speech technology, with a commitment to state-of-the-art solutions for voice and artificial intelligence.



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