Spectralink Smartphone Achieves New Certification

Spectralink Versity is Android Enterprise Recommended

Spectralink Smartphone Achieves New Certification

Spectralink, a market leader in the delivery of innovative mobile solutions, recently announced that it’s Spectralink Versity smartphone is now Android Enterprise Recommended (AER). AER is a Google-led programme for certification that intends to raise the bar for excellent functionality in enterprise-level services and devices.

Recommended for both knowledge-worker and rugged field worker devices, the Spectralink Versity allows organisations to access the tools they need for improved communication and operational efficiency. Versity also boosts productivity with an enterprise-grade solution that’s easy to manage and deploy.

What to Expect from the Spectralink Versity Phone

The state-of-the-art Spectralink Versity phone uses multi-tiered and industry-leading security from Android, which has become one of the leading solutions for today’s enterprises. With a wide range of built-in defenses and protection features included, Versity offers a formidable barrier against common mobile security threats.

According to the CEO of Spectralink, Doug Werking, today’s workforce requires access to a secure and flexible environment for communications. Whether providing fantastic in-store service, patient care, or anything else, businesses can rely on Versity to offer:

  • A market-leading secure mobile platform
  • Google certification for the 8.1 Android OS
  • Timely support for ongoing security and software updates
  • Zero-touch enrolment for large-scale seamless deployment
  • High-level durability rated to address water, dust, dirt, and chemicals
  • Reinforced drop-tested frame

Supporting Today’s Mobile Workers

Modern mobile workers in the current landscape require access to intelligent and durable devices that offer high-quality communication features, and access to critical information. In today’s diverse and demanding work environment, mobile technology is growing more crucial in everywhere from emergency departments to retail distribution centres.

Research indicates that demand for enterprise-grade durability is rising in the modern landscape too. One 2019 forecast from IDC suggests that the number of rugged mobile solutions shipped worldwide is increasing. “The number of rugged mobile devices being shipped worldwide is increasing, as enterprise organisations look to mobilise larger segments of their workforces with more durable and more capable devices,” says Bryan Bassett, senior research analyst for IDC’s Enterprise Mobility: Deployment Strategies program. This is particularly true as enterprises look to mobilize larger portions of their workforce. What’s more, Android is currently positioned to be the dominant mobile OS for this particular space.

The Enterprise Recommended Programme from Google makes it easier for today’s companies to efficiently choose and deploy the enterprise devices and services that are right for them, by ensuring that their tools measure up to the strict standards of the programme. Google validated the Versity mobile based on its robust feature set, and its excellent durability.


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