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Welcome to the Fold: Samsung’s Latest Phone

Samsung introduces the Galaxy Fold

Welcome to the Fold: Samsung’s Latest Phone

Ever wish you could just fold your smartphone up to fit it in your pocket?

Foldable phones have been an exciting topic of conversation in the smartphone market for some time now. Vendors like Microsoft, Huawei, and Samsung have all released their own insights into what foldable tech might look like over the last year. However, it seems that Samsung has edged over the finish line as the first major vendor to release a foldable solution, (after the Royole, of course).

Samsung recently announced both the impending arrival of three new Galaxy S10 models and the brand-new Galaxy Fold. While there are plenty of great features promised by the S10 handsets, it’s hard to focus on them when there’s a foldable phone in the mix.

What to Expect from the Galaxy Fold

If you thought that Apple devices were starting to cost a fortune lately, wait until you see the price tag for the Galaxy Fold. You can expect to pay around £15 grand for this technical masterpiece, which folds outwards to create a 7.3-inch tablet display.

The Fold transforms from a standard (though highly advanced) smartphone, into a complete Galaxy tablet within seconds. You can run up to three apps simultaneously on the device at once and seamlessly transition from phone to tablet mode without having to re-launch programs.

So, how does a phone handle being folded and unfolded every day? The Motorola RAZR from 2005 seemed to have endless problems with snapping. Let’s hope they fix that if they do bring out a new version this year. According to Samsung, however, the Fold comes with a new advanced hinge system that can withstand endless folds. What’s more, there are 6 cameras on your phone, so you can snap pictures however you’re using it.

The New Standard for “Luxury” Phones?

At a value of around £1,515 or $1,980 for the 4G version of the phone, it’s fair to say that this isn’t a device for everyone. There’s even a more expensive 5G version set to arrive in the future too. According to Samsung, the Fold is a “luxury” item, for people who want the convenience of the phone, with the benefits of a larger screen.

Fans of the technology can certainly see it’s value. There’s something to be said about a phone that can seamlessly fold out into a tablet when you need to send an email or watch a video without squinting. However, in these early days, it’s difficult to know how well an experimental device like the Fold will perform, particularly with such a hefty price tag.

Reportedly, people at the launch event weren’t impressed by the price. There have been some grumbles online about the idea of paying a couple of thousand pounds for a phone too. However, it could be argued that sometimes, if you want disruptive technology, you need to be prepared to pay the price.

Will the foldable phone be the device of the future? Or will it be another fad like the flip-phone that we quickly phase out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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