Essential Work From Home Tech Events For Your Calendar 2022

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The Top Events for Work from Home Technology

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Essential Work From Home Tech Events For Your Calendar 2022

Remote work is here to stay.

According to studies, employees have increasingly become more acclimated to the concept of remote and hybrid work in the last couple of years. Throughout the pandemic, team members have discovered just how beneficial flexible working can be for both their physical and mental wellbeing. 

As an added bonus, work-from-home opportunities can be fantastic for business leaders too. Companies embracing WFH solutions can benefit from lower operating costs, higher levels of productivity, and increased access to worldwide talent.

Of course, to thrive in the remote working world, companies first need to invest in the right technology. The following events offer an excellent opportunity for business leaders to learn all about the latest innovations in remote and hybrid working tools.

ISE 2022

May 10-13, 2022, Fira Barcelona Gran Via

ISE is a leading event in the collaboration and communication industry, particularly for business owners thinking of upgrading their Audio and Video technology. Whether you’re looking into hybrid room kits to connect in-person employees with remote staff, or personal video bars, you’ll find it all at ISE 2022. 

The conference provides team leaders with a fantastic opportunity to learn everything they need to know about the latest tools for the future of work. You can experiment with technology in-person, and listen to immersive talks discussing the possibilities of the future of work. There are even special interest group sessions for people hoping to learn about specific technologies, like noise-cancelling speakerphones, or AI webcams.

Cisco Live!

June 12-16, Las Vegas, USA 

Hosted by one of the world leaders in communication technology, Cisco Live! Is the place to be if you want to learn about Cisco and its partner brands. The Cisco Webex environment is a popular landscape for those interested in the future of hybrid and remote work. What’s more, Cisco offers a wide range of hardware options for all kinds of work-from-home demands. 

Cisco Live hosts a number of high-level speakers from the conferencing and collaboration worlds, so you’re sure to learn more about what the future of work might hold. There are also endless opportunities during this event to network with other people in your industry. It’s a great chance to check out some of the latest innovative technology in the market.


June 4-10th, 2022, Las Vegas Convention Center 

A worthwhile addition to any business leader’s calendar if you’re planning on investing in more productive and engaged remote worker, Infocomm is a must-visit event. The conference specializes in showcasing the latest audio and visual technology from the modern communications landscape, with access to everything from audio and video streaming tools, to enhanced screens. 

If you want to make sure the professionals working remotely for your team have access to the same high-level technology your employees can expect in-person, you can’t go wrong with Infocomm. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities during this event to connect with other like-minded indivduals, and discuss the changing workplace.


June 29-30th 2022: Mercedes-Benz World, UK

Another top pick for companies ready to digitally transform in 2022 and beyond, Commsverse may be the perfect event for learning about the changing workplace. This year’s event is focusing almost exclusively on the rise of hybrid work, and the technologies companies will need to enable flexible employees. Specifically, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes guide to leveraging Microsoft Teams.

With 60 sessions of information-backed insights to explore, you’re sure to learn about all of the employee experience tech you’re going to need to empower your staff members in the new age of work. If you’re already invested in Microsoft technology, the heavy focus on Teams will be particularly useful in choosing accompanying solutions.


October 12-13, 2022 ExCel London, UK

When it comes to discovering the latest innovations in digital transformation technology, it doesn’t get much better than the UCX and DTX event in Lindon. This incredible conference experience is a chance to learn all about the latest technology capable of connecting your internal employees, and enhancing customer experience. 

The focus of 2022’s events is on smarter technology and how it can inform the next steps in our work from home and hybrid work initiatives. You’ll have a chance to hear all about the latest innovations in remote working technologies from some of the world’s leaders in the communication landscape. There are also plenty of informative and educational sessions to check out during the event. You’re sure to gain some useful insights on how to strengthen your workforce here.

UC Summit 2023

January 2023, Online

Perhaps the most insightful digital event of the year for those who want to learn more about enabling their workforce and investing in communication technology, the UC Summit is always packed full of value. If you didn’t have a chance to check out this event in 2022, you’ll be able to sign up in advance for the January 2023 conference instead. 

The UC Summit always delivers a host of valuable insights from market-leading brands, as well as information on how to research and choose the perfect technology for your business. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn about the changing workplace, and you can even network with other people in your field remotely, through the power of the web. 

DTX 2023

Spring 2023, TBA

DTX Manchester, or simply DTX is one of the most useful events for business leaders investing in new transformational technology. Usually running during the Manchester Tech week, the event offers an opportunity to speak to business leaders from a host of different environments, and discover new ways of upgrading your work from home technology.

If you missed this year’s event in April 2022, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on the website for insights into when the next event will be held. DTX is ideal for experimenting with and discovering the latest solutions for all kinds of digital transformation. You’re sure to find some helpful insights into work from home technology here. 



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