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  • UC Today Market Guide 2018

    Exploring the Internet of Things: IoT in UC&C

    One of the most inspiring terms for the enterprise right now, is the concept of the “Internet of Things”, where countless devices are connected & collaborating through an internet connection. More

  • Omni-channel Contact Centre vendors

    Omnichannel Contact Centre Vendors

    Today’s consumers expect to be able to connect with businesses however and whenever they choose. These new demands have launched the rise of the omnichannel contact centre. More

  • Service Management Software Vendors

    Service Management Software Vendors

    Struggling to handle an increasingly complicated multi-vendor communication stack? Service management software could be the solution. More

  • UC Today Market Guide 2018

    Deep Work vs Shallow Work in the Digital Workforce

    Here’s a task you can try today. Sit down with something – a project, task, or even a book you want to read and focus on it without doing anything else for the next 90 minutes. More

  • UC Today Market Guide 2018

    UC&C: The Past, Present, and Future

    With the market for UC&C predicted to triple in value to $96 billion over the next five years, we thought we’d review the UC market. More

  • UC Today Market Guide 2018

    Market Guide 2018 – Discover UC

    Here’s UC Today’s Market Guide 2018 to vendors in the Unified Communications (UC) industry. Discover the leading Unified Communications & Collaboration, Cloud Communications, Contact Centre and IP Endpoint vendors. More

  • Technology Distribution Market Guide

    Technology Distributors

    Technology Distributors are a group of companies that use their expert knowledge and years of experience in the Telecoms and IT industry to distribute equipment and services to the reseller marketplace. More

  • SD-WAN Market Guide

    SD-WAN Vendors

    Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) vendors are set of companies that use their expertise and years of experience in the industry to develop cutting-edge SD-WAN packages for resellers. More

  • Personal Speakerphone Market Guide

    Personal Speakerphone Vendors

    With the rising popularity of cloud UC solutions in business, agents can now engage in conference calls from any location with internet access and personal speakerphones are the perfect way to support this freedom and mobility. More

  • Power Diallers Market Guide

    Power Dialler Vendors

    Unlike Predictive or Progressive Diallers, a Power Dialler is a solution that concentrates on call volume by making approximately 75-80 calls per hour. More

  • Artificial Intelligence Market Guide

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) Vendors

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the name given to advanced, machine-learning technologies capable of convincingly mimicking the actions of human beings to provide efficient, innovative, low-cost assistance to agents and customers alike. More

  • Progressive Diallers Market Guide

    Progressive Dialler Vendors

    Progressive Dialling is a solution that eliminates the risk of silent/abandoned calls by dialling out one call at a time. All calls are automated however do not make more than one call at a time. More

  • Predictive Diallers Market Guide

    Predictive Dialler Vendors

    Predictive Dialler software is an efficient outbound caller system used to automatically dial out from a set list of telephone numbers using call metrics to predict the exact point when human agents are ready to take the next call. More

  • CTI Software - CRM Integration Market Guide

    CTI Software Vendors

    Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) software is a solution that combines an agents telephone features with the features available on their computer for a fully integrated experience that maximises performance, reduces call times and rapidly improves customer service. More

  • IVR Market Guide

    IVR Vendors

    Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an intelligent server and database system that allows callers to interact with a computer to help and navigate their call. More

  • Headsets Market Guide

    Headset Vendors

    Time is money in business and hands-free headsets are a certified way to improve call efficiency by allowing agents to perform multiple tasks at once and deliver the best level of service to their customers on a constant basis. More

  • Wholesale ISP Market Guide

    Wholesale Internet Service Providers

    Keeping everything in one place by dealing with only one service provider and receiving just one all-inclusive bill for all of your communications services is one of the major benefits of using Wholesale Internet. More

  • Video Conferencing Market Guide

    Video Conferencing Vendors

    Video Conferencing is a growing trend in business that allows face-to-face group conversations to be held from any location, at any time and through any compatible device that has a working internet connection. More

  • Video Phones Market Guide

    Video Phone (multi-media) Vendors

    Video Phones are typically SIP handsets that come with an in-built camera that enables users to interact and take part in face-to-face conversations with other callers through video calling and/or video conferencing over the Internet. More

  • VoIP Phones Market Guide

    VoIP Phone Vendors

    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Phones are a group of specially designed handsets that eliminate the need for traditional telephone lines by allowing users to make low cost (and often completely cost free) calls over the Internet to any location across the world. More

  • Unified Communications Market Guide

    Unified Communications Vendors

    Unified Communications (UC) Solutions are all-in one platforms that offer set of fully integrated communication programmes such as instant messenger, video calling, file sharing, email and various other collaboration tools to help improve productivity and efficiency in the workplace. More

  • UCaaS Market Guide

    UCaaS Vendors

    With this a UCaaS solution, businesses benefit from a service that provides all of the latest software and security updates, gives round the clock access to said services from any location with web access and allows users to collaborate whenever they wish both in and out of the office. More

  • Team Collaboration Software Market Guide

    Team Collaboration Software Vendors

    Team Collaboration Software is a unified communications solution that helps bring businesses together and improves the collaborative working environment and productivity rates of each individual user with a set of innovative and exciting features. More

  • SIP Trunks Market Guide

    SIP Trunking Providers

    One of the major advantages SIP calling brings to businesses is a drastic reduction in the cost of calls due to the fact they run over an IP network rather than fixed lines. As well as reducing call costs, SIP trunks also cut out line rental cost and remove the expensive installation and maintenance fees of traditional ISDN lines. More

  • SIP Phones Market Guide

    SIP Phone Vendors

    Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) phones are a group of software-based phones (softphones) and devices (hardphones) that allow your business to efficiently integrate phone capabilities with web, email, online chat and much more directly through your IP network. More

  • Public Address Market Guide

    Public Address Equipment Vendors

    Public Address (PA) systems have been used for a number of decades to amplify audio for large audiences at a wide range of events such as corporate gatherings, university lectures, music concerts and supermarket shopping floors. More

  • Messaging on Hold Market Guide

    Messaging on Hold Vendors

    Around 70% of business callers will inevitably be placed on hold at some point, it pays to invest in a solution that promises to keep well over half of the customers that contact your business from turning away in frustration. More

  • Door Intercoms Market Guide

    Door Intercom Vendors

    Door Intercoms (door phones) are wall mountable communication systems that offer a number of solutions for businesses regarding both security and internal communications within large spaces. More

  • DECT WI-FI Phones Market Guide

    DECT & WIFI Phone Vendors

    Each product offers its own unique benefits; DECT phones are generally less expensive and offer a single point-to-point line connection that eliminates call interruption, whilst WIFI phones can connect to any WIFI network, thus giving users the freedom to work from any location with WIFI access. More

  • Contact Centre Market Guide

    Contact Centre Vendors

    Contact Centre solutions and platforms are a set of programmes and services designed specifically to help improve the performance of your agents, increase their efficiency and ensure all callers are given the best level of service they can get on a consistent basis (CX = Customer Experience). More

  • Conference Phone Market Guide

    Conference Phone Vendors

    By investing in a good Conference Phone you can ensure your business is able to easily connect with clients, partners and colleagues from different cities, countries and time zones without ever having to travel outside of the office. More

  • CCaaS Market Guide

    CCaaS Vendors (Contact Centre as a Service)

    By investing in CCaaS, your company can drastically reduce its in-house IT maintenance costs, improve its security and support company growth with a fully scalable solution that operates on a pay-as-you-use basis. More

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