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  • City London

    What You Need to Know About MiFID II

    MiFID II will be rolling into place during January of 2018, which means that financial service providers need to get ready. More

  • FCA Guide

    The FCA and Call Recording: A Short Guide

    Rules set out by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in its Conduct of Business Sourcebook (COBS, otherwise known as ‘The Handbook’) actually demand member organisations do more call recording, rather than less. More

  • Call Recording Market Guide

    Call Recording Vendors

    As part of our Market Guide, here’s our list of Call Recording vendors (alphabetical order). Call Recording Software reviews, suppliers, latest news and telecoms industry insight. More


    PCI Compliance and Call Recording Explained

    Any business, whether it operates a formal call centre or not, has to take great care when processing sales over the telephone. The handling of all credit and debit card payments is regulated by the PCI DSS More

  • Call Recording 2020

    Call Recording 2020: The Future of Call Recording

    With major changes to data legislation set to come into force in 2018, regulation will continue to play a key role in shaping the market. As part of our Technology Track series on call recording, we decided to get the inside view on these issues and more from a panel of leading industry experts. More

  • call recording

    Call Recording – Which is Best for Business?

    Are you researching which call recording system is best for your business? This year, as part of our Call Recording Series we reviewed the UK’s top vendors. If you need help understanding the features and benefits, read our call recording buyer’s guide right here. More

  • Call Recording Buyer's Guide

    Call Recording 101 – UC Today’s Guide to Call Recording Software

    Whatever your reasons for wanting to record calls, the important thing is to be clear about your business objectives from the start. The more you want to get out of call recording in terms of actionable insight and informing performance improvements, the more features you will need. More

  • Call Recording Data Protection

    Call Recording and Data Protection: UK Law Explained

    For monitoring and managing service levels, assisting professional development and for protecting against disputes, call recording adds value to operations by providing reliable evidence which can be referred to as and when needed. More

  • 7 Reasons Call Recording

    7 Reasons to Invest in Call Recording

    UC Today gives you seven good reasons to invest in call recording for your organisation, including improving training & performance to informing product development. More

  • Voiceflex Cloud Call Recording

    Voiceflex Cloud Call Recording Review

    Voiceflex are giving their resellers an opportunity to upgrade compliance, security, staff training, and quality monitoring with their own cloud based SIP trunk call recording solution. More