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2020 was a year that no-one could have predicted. As a result, the Unified Communications market has evolved and it isn’t enough for companies to rely on traditional UC anymore. We’ve seen a shift in the basics of communication, with many people relying on instant messaging and video over voice and email. What’s next for the new age of UCaaS? It’s hard to know for certain, but we think now is the time to start exploring what’s possible.

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We’re now living in a world where employees need to remain just as connected to their teams as they would be in the office – while working in a virtual space. Stepping into the future will mean more than just opening the door for more remote work. The possibilities that lie ahead for the collaboration environment are virtually endless. As we resurface from the pandemic, we need to work better together now than ever before.

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Even with the best software and applications, you can’t accomplish much without the right technology in your hands. Over the last several years, we’ve seen some massive transformations in the endpoint technology available from market-leading vendors.

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Microsoft Teams has been one of the most valuable tools of the new decade. Driven in part by a growing demand for better collaboration, and somewhat by the need for more immersive remote work experiences. Where are you on your Microsoft journey? Do you need to refresh your plan since you switched it on in 2020? What role is Microsoft playing in the future of your business?

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Channel businesses are in a constant state of change as market conditions and customer requirements continue to evolve. No one could have imagined the events of 2020 would have such far-reaching implications for the way we work and deploy technology. For the channel, this presented both risk and opportunity.

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For years now, companies have been relying on sensational customer interactions to differentiate themselves from their competitors. In 2020, the pandemic brought CX teams into new focus. High volumes and spikes in traffic placed companies under more pressure, and teams suddenly had to re-adjust to a new work-from-home landscape. So, what does this mean for the future of CX?

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