Read an article on business trends, or visit any communication conference, and you'll notice the word "collaboration" floating around everywhere.

We know that collaboration is crucial to innovation and growth in today's digital world. However, there's a lot more to good collaboration than implementing the right technology and tools. The environment needs to be conducive to collaboration too.

Today, the way that people meet and communicate is changing at a fast pace. Meetings are becoming less structured and more frequent. Businesses are being forced to move with a greater sense of agility. As such, video and audio collaboration sessions are moving beyond the conference room, into a new environment known as the "huddle room."

Small Spaces with a Big Impact

Huddle rooms are small meeting spaces for up to 6 people that are designed to deliver everything a team needs for collaboration. Many of these spaces include video conferencing tools, whiteboards, and even access to cloud coloration apps. Now that 73% of meetings involve between 2 and 4 people, the huddle room eliminates the expense and complexity of traditional conference spaces.

In an era where conferences are less structured and formal than ever, it's crucial for teams to be able to access the environments they need quickly. Unfortunately, around 40% of employees say that they waste half an hour per day looking for meeting spaces.

Huddle rooms focus on providing productive and efficient environments for collaboration for your teams. They ensure that your workers can come together for collaboration with very little prior planning, and no need for IT support.

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