Customer experience or "CX" has emerged as one of the major trends driving transformation in the business environment through recent years.

According to Gartner, by the end of 2019, 50% of all companies will have redirected investments into customer experience. As experience becomes the holy grail for companies, the old-fashioned "call centre" has evolved into a new beast.

As the ultimate touchpoint for brand and consumer interaction, the contact centre is the fuel that drives and supports your customer relationships. Without an effective contact centre, the entire consumer strategy crumbles. However, delivering excellent client experience isn't just about supporting better IVRs and call queues anymore. Today's contact centres need to be prepared to assist people on any channel, from video, to instant messaging and beyond.

Beyond the Call: The Evolving Contact Centre

Responding to evolving customer demands in the age of a digitally-empowered marketplace means exploring endless new opportunities. The contact centre is developing from virtually every angle, exploring new concepts like artificial intelligence and virtual assistants to drive quicker customer resolutions. On top of that, increasing numbers of businesses are moving towards the "omnichannel" approach, so that they can serve customers on the channel of their choosing.

With all this new technology to consider, there's still the consistent demands of compliance and regulation to consider too. How can calls be managed and recorded in the age of GDPR? Where is customer data stored, and how can it be used to extract valuable insights?

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