Headset Vendors

Business Headset manufacturers from around the globe

Headset Vendors

Business Headset Vendors

Time is money in business and hands-free headsets are a certified way to improve call efficiency by allowing workers to perform multiple tasks at once and deliver the best level of service to their customers on a constant basis.

You’ll find headsets being used commonly by knowledge workers, customer service teams, personal assistants, receptionists, sales teams, help desks and executives.

Contact Centre Headset Vendors

To provide a high level of service, a contact centre agent should be able to respond to any request across multiple channels at any time, and to do that they cannot afford to precious seconds picking/hanging up phones, dialling numbers or holding receivers.

With headsets, agents are free to engage in fast, efficient cross platform support and successfully resolve the customers issue and complete the call within 1-2 minutes.

Headset Vendors

Here’s a list of business headset and speakerphone vendors in alphabetical order.

  • BT
  • Cisco
  • Doro
  • Jabra
  • JPL
  • Plantronics
  • Sennheiser
  • Streamline
  • Yealink


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