Companies rely on constant communication to thrive.

Think about the crucial relationships you maintain in your business. Whether it's the conversations between your agents and your consumers, or the discussions between vendors and employees, communication happens every day.

As the communication landscape has evolved, organisations have found themselves dealing with a growing network of software and hardware solutions. Unfortunately, when these systems aren't connected, that means that employees waste time jumping between computers, desk phones, CRM systems and beyond. Unified Communications is the answer to this problem with productivity.

As the ultimate framework for connecting real-time and asynchronous communications, UC enhances business operations, boosts productivity, and even simplifies business operations too. Instead of having to work with multiple vendors for all your communication needs, you can access a complete technology stack through a single, intuitive provider.

The Power of a Cohesive Company

Though Unified Communications has been around for some time now, its value remains consistent. According to Grand View Research, the market size will grow to $143.39 billion by 2024 - showing a CAGR of 16.8%.

As we step further into the future, the chances are that we'll begin to see new developments in what's possible from a Unified Communication solution. For instance, as of 2017, 59% of organisations are allowing employees to use their own devices. Combine that demand for mobility with the increase in remote work, and it's safe to say that hosted and cloud-based UC solutions will become more essential going forward.

On top of that, we're continuing to see transformations in the ways that people communicate. Conversations aren't restricted to desk and conference phones anymore. We have messaging, video calls, SMS, and even social media. The future of unified communications will continue to unlock employee productivity through a multitude of enhanced channels.

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