New Product Lineup from LogMeIn Enhances Employee Support

Rescue and Prompt ai support modern employees

logmein logoExperts in customer engagement and support solutions, LogMeIn have introduced two exciting new products to their market-leading portfolio. These frictionless solutions for productivity and performance eliminate the need for companies to choose between overloading IT and empowering their employees.

The latest deliveries from LogMeIn “Prompt ai” and “Rescue” focus on removing the challenges facing internal support teams lately, including complex support queues and lengthy resolution times.

Introducing Prompt ai

According to the Senior Analyst of HDI, Roy Atkinson, many of the problems surrounding employee support today are driven by a disconnect between the solutions optimised for IT, and the services that employees need. The latest introductions from LogMeIn provide a more natural, and engaging approach to employee support.

Unified Communications & Collaboration Smart Guide
Prompt ai provides an always-on support solution for employees, capable of providing immediate assistance through the systems they’re already working with. It can answer repetitive questions on behalf of IT teams, so employees can work faster without worrying about disrupting the technology team. Prompt ai:

  • Delivers cutting-edge natural language processing and AI technology. The Prompt ai solution understands natural conversations, which means employees don’t have to worry about explaining their issues to a stunted system
  • Works in popular messaging apps: Prompt ai engages with employees in their favourite tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack
  • Easy escalation: Prompt ai connects with popular ticketing solutions like ServiceNow, and JIRA, as well as ITSM platforms to offer seamless ticket escalation options
  • Pre-built content templates: With pre-built content templates, building content is quick and easy. What’s more, smart content curation uses a real-time analytics dashboard to maintain quality knowledgebase content

Empowering Employees with Rescue

While LogMeIn created Prompt ai to help employees get the answers they needed quickly to frequently asked questions, they also know that staff sometimes needs more than just an automated solution. Rescue is intended to offer a frictionless service experience for situations that require more significant levels of support. Rescue offers:

  • Frictionless connectivity through a simple plugin: A plugin design means that Rescue can give users the ability to start support sessions directly from their browser
  • Help to suit you: Rescue provides instant access to chat, file transfer solutions, and remote view systems
  • In-channel support: Rescue works within popular messaging tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack, so the IT team can work in places that feel familiar to employees
  • Camera Share and Mobile Device integration: Rescue supports iOS and Android mobile device users, giving them the option to troubleshoot equipment anywhere through the end user’s mobile camera

Putting Your Teams First with LogMeIn

Prompt ai from LogMeIn makes AI-enhanced self-service more accessible to businesses of any size, while Rescue offers a next-level solution for remote support. Together, these two new products will help to give the IT Help Desk instant access to employees, for a more efficient and straightforward support experience.

LogMeIn Rescue
LogMeIn Rescue

According to the General Manager of Support Solutions and Customer Engagement at LogMeIn, the business has taken essential steps in reinventing the way that organisations empower and support their employees. With Prompt ai and Rescue, today’s organisations will have more opportunities to offer an exceptional end-to-end experience for their teams.


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