Out Loud: New UI for Webex Teams in Our June Update

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Patrick is joined by expert Cisco guest Jonathan George, who is a Pre-sales Consultant at MeetingZone, to take us through all of the latest news and updates from June.

Jonathan George Out Loud
Jonathan George, Pre-sales Consultant at MeetingZone

Firstly Jonathan and Patrick discuss the new user interface that has been released for Webex Teams. Jonathan takes us through the main changes and also discusses some of the feedback that he has seen within the industry from customers at MeetingZone.

Meetings within Webex Teams are now WebEx powered, but only if you have a purchased WebEx account with a host licence, Jonathan explains.

Jonathan also gives Patrick a sneak preview and breakdown of the hotly anticipated Webex Share device. The hardware will plug into AV sources to enable collaboration in environments where it might not be possible usually.

Finally Jonathan and Patrick discuss any BroadSoft news and touch briefly on a Flex licensing change.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and expert guest Jonathan George.

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