Logitech BRIO Webcam Review: Flexible by Design

There’s something for everyone at a price point that’s accessible to all, cementing Logitech firmly in the ranks of the greats

Logitech BRIO Webcam Review: Flexible by Design

Logitech is known for its market-leading hardware products, so it’s no surprise that the company’s 3.5+-year-old webcam continues to be relevant today. Logitech developed a proprietary technology called RightSense to enhance camera capabilities like never before – automatically adjusting the lens, optimising lighting conditions, and tweaking the built-in mic as needed. RightLight (part of Logitech’s RightSense) powers the web we are reviewing today – the Logitech BRIO 4K.

At the time of its launch, back in February of 2017, Logitech called the device “its most sophisticated webcam yet”. It packed in 4K Ultra HD video quality and 5X zoom, as well as add-ons powered by Logitech’s partnership with Microsoft. It is that last bit that has helped Logitech BRIO stay relevant so many months down the line, despite the availability of more powerful offerings – some from Logitech itself.

As Microsoft grows its video capabilities with Teams, webcams like BRIO will only become more entrenched. Let us now review its features to understand how Logitech BRIO 4K stands up to 2020’s needs.

Inside Logitech BRIO Webcam

Logitech launched BRIO with a Microsoft integration out of the box. You could use BRIO as a facial recognition camera on Windows 10 for a password-free login experience, synchronising with Windows Hello. Now, as Teams quickly becomes a popular tool for video collaboration (and conferencing itself is a common part of everyone’s workday in a WFH world), we could argue that Logitech BRIO is more relevant than ever before.

Here is our review of its core features.

Imaging quality that continues to impress – We should mention that the original Pro version of BRIO has given way to BRIO Ultra, but the device remains similar in essence. You can expect 4K Ultra HD video calling at either 30 or 60 frames per second. At a 60 FPS framerate, the BRIO offers up to 1920×1080 pixel definition. And if you’re okay with 30 FPS, it can go up to a stellar 4096 x 2160 pixels as well. For those scenarios where you require a rapid framerate (e.g., quickly going through a complex presentation, there is even a 90 FPS support at a reduced resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels

Adequate field of view with solid zooming – Logitech BRIO has a 90-degree diagonal field of view, which could be limiting in some scenarios. For those who require a wider angle, we’d recommend that you consider a collaboration bar – these bring a lower video quality, but better angular flexibility. Returning to our review, Logitech BRIO augments its field of view capabilities with 5X digital zoom. This may not be at par with the optical zoom we have seen in some true PTZ cameras but stands up well for the majority of conferencing requirements

Multi-platform compatibility – Logitech BRIO is certified to work with a variety of collaboration platforms, including Skype for Business, MS Teams, Zoom Meetings, Fuze, and Cisco Jabber. We were happy to see that the BRIO weaves into Microsoft Cortana and Windows Hello out of the box. And if you’re interested in using Logitech BRIO for something other than collaboration, it supports live-streaming and broadcasting tools like XSplit and OBS as well

Why Logitech BRIO Webcam Makes a Difference

Logitech BRIO is the perfect mix of specs and affordability. Microsoft Store lists it at just $199.99, which is excellent for a 4K Ultra HD Microsoft-integrated video calling device. And Logitech’s RightSense technology makes it even better with automatic light correction. You could carry this webcam with you offsite, record video in challenging lighting circumstances, and integrate with a broadcasting app to live-stream your content.

The bottom line is this: whether you’re looking to upgrade from a PC webcam, strengthening your home office setup, or you need a powerful camera that works in complex scenarios, BRIO might be the device for you.

What We Think

As we explore the many facets of digital communication in 2020, smart, simple, and affordable video tools are always welcome.

For the homeworker, Logitech BRIO comes with two omnidirectional noise-cancelling mics that transform a standard PC into a capable video/audio capturing endpoint. For small businesses, this is an excellent option for reinforcing their video capabilities of a huddle space or a small/mid-sized meeting room, gaining from Logitech’s intuitive and adaptive capabilities. Finally, for those compelled to work on-field and capture audio/video in difficult lighting conditions, BRIO makes perfect sense.

There’s something for everyone at a price point that’s accessible to all, cementing Logitech firmly in the ranks of the greats.


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