Avaya L100 Series Headset Review

The latest headsets from Avaya

Avaya L100 Series Headset Review

Leaders in immersive communication and collaboration experiences, Avaya recently introduced a new wave of state-of-the-art headsets, optimised for the multi-media comms space. The range of 5 upgraded headsets offer a selection of advanced features to help call centre environments become more productive, efficient, and safe, thanks to pioneering AcousticEdge technology.

The new range of L100 headsets all deliver exceptional sound quality to ensure that companies can provide fantastic customer service in a contact centre or unlock better focus within the office. There are options available for everyone, including entry-level devices and premium sets too.

The Features of the Avaya L100 Series

The Avaya L100 Series includes 5 professional grade corded headsets, all equipped with Avaya’s high-level audio technology. The inclusion of AcousticEdge technology to protect employees from long-term exposure to headset audio means that contact centre agents can be more confident and comfortable when supporting customers. Options include:

  • The Avaya L119 Headset: Entry-level model with bendable boom, adjustable headband, and RJ9 connection
  • The Avaya L129 Headset: Entry-level monoaural headset with magnetic quick-connect feature for easy transition from mobile to laptop devices
  • The Avaya L139 Headset: Mid-range monoaural headset for call centres with aluminium headband, quick-connect features, and 360-degree boom microphone
  • The Avaya L149 Headset: Midrange binaural headset with aluminium headband, distraction reduction, and 360-degree boom microphone
  • The Avaya L159: Premium binaural headset with an LED busy light indicator on ear cup, and a second light on the microphone boom to indicate when the device is muted. The set includes a 360-degree microphone, aluminium headband, and Bluetooth interface

The Benefits of The Avaya L100 Series

Intended to give contact centre agents access to excellent sound quality, without the worry of ear damage from hours interacting with customers via a headset, the L100 series provides an immersive array of useful call centre solutions. Benefits include:

  • LED indicators to help eliminate distractions and remind users when their microphone is on mute
  • Magnetic quick connect features to ensure that agile workers can move quickly between devices using the same headset
  • Web management features that support one-click firmware upgrades and connections with various soft clients through the cloud
  • AcousticEdge technology to deliver exceptional sound while simultaneously protecting long-term headset users from over-exposure to vibrations and dangerous frequencies
  • Noise Cancellation to eliminate the distractions of the office or contact centre during conversations with colleagues and customers

Target Market & Regional Availability

The Avaya L100 Series is particularly well-suited to the contact centre environment, although the headsets also have features to support office and campus conferencing too. The earphones are available to purchase around the globe.

How to Buy & Pricing

Prices are not yet available for the L100 Series. To find out more about the cost of each model, contact Avaya, or keep an eye on the product selection provided by your local Avaya reseller.

FAQ & Finishing Thoughts

The introduction of the L100 Series from Avaya builds on the company’s expansion of their Open SIP portfolio of smart devices. As Avaya continues to deliver a wide range of solutions for those in search of UC and UCaaS support, the L100 series will ensure an impressive and immersive audio experience, ideal for the office or contact centre.

Q: Which features do all the L100 headsets have in common?

A: All the L100 series headsets come with an adjustable boom arm and a flexible headband for exceptional user comfort. There’s also noise cancellation included with each option, hearing protection and acoustic shock protection.


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