Grandstream DECT Bundle Review – Zero Config Provisioning

Grandstream DP750/752 base stations and handset range

Grandstream DECT Bundle Review – Zero Config Provisioning

For many mobile companies in need of quick and agile communications, DECT is the de-facto technology choice. The right selection of DECT phones and base stations give companies the freedom to keep their employees moving around the office, rather than tying them to their desks.

Grandstream, one of the leaders in DECT technology, recently introduced their DECT bundle, specifically designed to give companies the technology they need for mobile comms. The Grandstream packages come with high-definition cordless handsets and base stations suitable for a host of environments, including warehouses, offices, and retail stores.

Grandstream DECT Bundle: VoIP Base Stations

At the heart of the Grandstream DECT, bundles are their VOIP base stations, the DP750, and the DP752. These two solutions can pair with up to five of the popular DP720 DECT handset devices at once, for complete mobility. Features include:

  • HD Audio
  • 3-way audio conferencing
  • Support for up to 10 SIP accounts
  • Push to Talk
  • DECT encryption and authentication
  • Zero Config provisioning

The DP750 supports ranges of up to 50 metres indoors and 300 metres outdoors, for complete freedom of movement for your employees. What’s more, the DP752 gives even more flexibility with an outdoor range of up to 400 metres when paired with the DP730 handset.

Both DECT base stations also come with support for up to 5 concurrent calls, HD audio, integrated PoE, and everything else you could need to run an agile business. You can even set up 3-way conference calls, or support 10 separate SIP accounts at once. What’s more, shared SIP accounts on multiple handsets mean that users can access UC-enhanced calls wherever they are.

Setting up your DECT stations is easy too, with a variety of auto-provisioning methods, and the peace of mind that comes with SRTP, TLS, and HTTPS encryption.

Grandstream DECT Bundle: DECT Handsets

An intuitive base station is a good start to your DECT bundle from Grandstream, but you also need the right handsets too. Mobilizing communication is increasingly crucial in today’s network environments. The DECT series of cordless phones from Grandstream, including the DP720, 730, and 722 give you the option to take high-quality audio anywhere.

The DP730

The Cordless DECT IP phone for enhanced communications from Grandstream, the DP730 is supported by both DECT VoIP base stations mentioned above and offers a high-quality of mobile telephony performance with a range of up to 400 metres outdoors, and 50 metres indoors.

There’s up to 40 hours of talk time on a full charge, and a 500 hour standby time, so you’ll always be ready to manage crucial conversations. What’s more, the phone comes with a suite of impressive features like support for 10 SIP accounts, full HD audio, and a 2.4-inch colour display. Features include:

  • Range of up to 50 metres indoors and 400 metres outdoors
  • 4-inch colour LCD with programmable soft keys (3)
  • Support for up to 10 lines and 10 SIP accounts per handset
  • 3-way conferencing support
  • 500-hour standby time and 40-hour talk-time
  • Dedicated push-to-talk button
  • Accelerometer and proximity sensors included
  • HD audio on the speakerphone, headset jack, and handset
  • 1-touch door control with GDS facility access devices
  • Firmware and software updates over-the-air

The DP722

Designed for those with a mid-tier budget, the DP722 is an enhanced DECT cordless phone that keeps your network supported on-the-go. Supported by both Grandstream DECT stations, the DP722 offers connections for up to 5 handsets at a time, with an outdoor range of 350 metres outdoors, and 50 metres indoors, as well as a 20-hour talk-time and 250-hours standby power mode.

The DP722 handset comes with features like push-to-talk, speakerphone settings, and full HD Audio. Capabilities included:

  • 350 metre outdoor and 50-metre indoor range
  • 250 hours of standby time and 20 hours talk-time
  • Push to talk with configurable button
  • Support for 10 lines and 10 SIP accounts
  • HD audio on headset jack, handset, and speakerphone
  • Firmware and software updates over the air
  • 1-touch door control with Facility Access
  • 1.8 inch LCD screen

The DP720

The DP720 DECT device is the affordable VoIP solution for companies that need mobility and agility. The DP720 gives people the freedom to move around the office and connect with their colleagues through HD audio. With support for up to 10 SIP accounts and combability with Grandstream DECT base stations, features include:

  • Support by Grandstream DP750 DECT station
  • Support for up to 5 handsets for each DP750 Station
  • Up to 10 account holders per handset
  • Full HD audio for handset and speakerphone
  • 3-way voice conferencing
  • 5mm jack
  • Automated provisioning options
  • DECT encryption and authentication

Finishing Thoughts

If you’re looking for a package of mobile-friendly endpoints to upgrade your office communications, this DECT offering from Grandstream is an excellent choice. Complete with high-quality base stations to support your mobile conversations, and HD audio quality, these business-friendly phones are ideal for anyone who can’t be tied down to a desk.

Have you tried the Grandstream DECT solutions yet? Let us know in the comments below.


4.6 out of 5

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