Zoom DTEN ON Review: All-in-one Zoom Hardware

Rebekah Carter

Introducing an all-in-one appliance built for Zoom 

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Zoom DTEN ON Review: All-in-one Zoom Hardware

The age of video first collaboration is officially here. Inspired by the rapid shift to hybrid and remote work, companies have began using video to bring context to conversations and connect employees collaborating at a distance. In this landscape, having the right combination of software and hardware to enable your video-focused strategy is crucial.  

Zoom, one of the market leaders in video conferencing and UCaaS technology, helps digitally-transforming companies choose the hardware best-suited to their existing Zoom ecosystem. Through certification, Zoom can highlight the products and tools most equipped to manage Zoom meetings, such as the DTEN ON. 

The DTEN ON all-in-one Zoom Rooms appliance is available as part of the Zoom hardware as a service offering. This solution, ideal for Zoom Rooms in education, healthcare, and business settings comes ready to deploy in minutes. Here’s what you need to know.  

Zoom DTEN ON Review: Features 

Created for the new age of immersive video meetings and collaboration, the DTEN ON system is an all-in-one device for video, audio, and content sharing. Pre-installed with Zoom Rooms software, the technology minimizes the amount of setup companies need to do when hosting meetings or presentations. The 55-inch 4K display is perfect for powerful communications and meeting experiences, and there’s even 16 microphone array for audio.  

Promising exceptional ease-of-use and flexibility, the DTEN ON all-in-one device is certified by Zoom, and built to deliver truly best-in-class experiences. Features of the DTEN ON Zoom approved system include: 

  • Pre-installed Zoom software 
  • Sophisticated DSP Sound 
  • Periodic AI updates 
  • Plug and play simplicity 
  • Best-in-class 4K display 
  • 16 array microphones 
  • 120-degrees camera angle 
  • All-in-one whiteboarding, content sharing, and video 
  • Ultra-responsive multi-touch display 
  • 4k meeting room camera 
  • 55-inch high-quality screen 
  • Acoustic echo cancellation 
  • HDMI input 

Created exclusively for Zoom, the DTEN ON could be the perfect investment for companies and educational facilities in search of the ideal partner to their video conferencing software. The AI-powered technology behind the plug-and-play device means you can even benefit from an environment that becomes more effective over time, updating periodically to perform as efficiently as possible.  

Zoom DTEN ON Review: Benefits 

The Zoom DTEN ON all-in-one system is a solution built to address the needs of business owners who can’t afford to spend forever setting up their meeting technology. You can set your appliance up in a matter of minutes, without having to worry about numerous cords and cables for different endpoints. Your camera and audio equipment already come built into your collaboration screen.  

The DTEN ON brings 4K camera technology into the meeting room for more lifelike and realistic video and combines it with an easy way to whiteboard for idea sharing, annotation, and illustrations. Some of the most significant benefits of Zoom DTEN ON include: 

  • Simple and reliable: The DTEN ON is a complete plug-and-play system for audio and video meetings, content sharing and presentations, pre-installed with Zoom software. This means you won’t have to spend forever setting up your new device. You should be able to get a meeting up and running within 15 minutes of opening your new device, with no technicians required. You can even choose between wall mounting or a free-standing device
  • All in one collaboration: Built specifically for Zoom meeting experiences, the Zoom DTEN On empowers employees for more effective meetings. You’ll be able to host familiar Zoom meetings in seconds, with in-built audio, video, and content sharing in the same place. The touchscreen display also makes it easy to invite new people to a meeting, share files, and track down crucial pieces of content
  • Exceptional video: As video continues to be one of the most important parts of the modern collaboration tech stack, DTEN has gone above and beyond with its video tools. There’s a 4K wide-angle camera built-in, for phenomenally accurate and lifelike video streamed through your Zoom software. You’ll also be able to see the people on the other end of your meeting in amazing clarity with an Ultra HD 4K display
  • Better audio quality: To enhance audio quality, the DTEN ON also comes with a best-in-class 16-microphone array for crystal clear voice. The Proprietary DSP technology created by Zoom and DTEN in collaboration also helps to keep voices sounding crisp and organic, while blocking out background noise. Integrated stereo speakers mean you’ll never miss out on the speech from your contacts either
  • Flexible deployment: The DTEN ON solution is now available as part of the Zoom hardware as a service package. This means you can access the hardware functionality you need, without having to spend a fortune on updates every couple of years 

Who Needs the Zoom DTEN On?

If you’re already invested in Zoom for your UCaaS or video conferencing strategy, accessing Zoom certified hardware to accompany your software could be a great idea. The Zoom DTEN On all-in-one solution for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, and content sharing is an easy-to-use and convenient solution for the modern meeting room.  

You can start meetings in no time without having to spend too much time on setting up your devices or getting new technology installed. Plus, you get the benefit of fantastic HD-quality content sharing and 4K video.  

Zoom DTEN ON Review: Verdict

As a simple all-in-one solution for video conferencing and content sharing, the Zoom DTEN ON system is a fantastic hardware upgrade for any company investing in Zoom technology. If you’re running meetings regularly in your business with whiteboarding, annotations, presentations, and more, the DTEN On solution will help to enhance the quality of your conversations. 

DTEN On for Zoom offers the perfect combination of convenience and high-quality features, so you can spend less time messing with complicated hardware, and more time getting crucial work done. The ability to access this functionality on Zoom’s hardware as a service solution just makes it more appealing to a wide range of business owners.  



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