Our latest range of Smart Guides help buyers uncover the features and benefits of the latest UC related technologies. Within each easy-to-read eBook, you’ll find common discussion points, a buyer’s checklist and frequently asked questions.

Unified Comms & Collaboration Smart Guide

For years, Unified Communications was the holy grail of the communication stack.  

Companies now, more than ever, want an environment where they can track all of their comms technology without having to switch between various apps and tools. A Unified Communication solution delivered either on-premise or in the cloud provides that convenience.  


UCaaS Smart Guide

Companies now, more than ever, want an environment where they can track all of their comms technology without having to switch between various apps and tools. A Unified Communication solution delivered either on-premise or in the cloud provides that convenience.

With UCaaS, you can explore the benefits of everything from voice and video calling, to messaging and meetings in the same place.


CPaaS Smart Guide

Companies can’t contend with a one size fits all communication environment anymore. 

In a world where technology is constantly changing and evolving, teams need an environment that adjusts to suit them. That’s why CPaaS, or Communication Platforms as a Service, is so popular.  

CPaaS is the ultra-versatile today’s teams can use to implement new communication tools into their existing environments. With CPaaS, you can easily embed instant messaging into your customer service strategy or take advantage of video for team collaboration.  


Video Conferencing Smart Guide

In a world that’s increasingly distributed and digital, companies are constantly searching for better ways to keep teams connected. Video could be the key to more meaningful interactions.  

By 2027, experts predict that the value of video will explode, growing at a rate of around 9.9% a year. Statistics like that don’t even take into account the vast impact that events like COVID-19 are having on the world.  

While video conferencing was once a complicated and expensive option for modern businesses, it’s becoming increasingly accessible, thanks to new technology and solutions. 


Team Collaboration Smart Guide

The world of work is changing.  

The 9-to-5 routine is over, and employees are no longer shackled to their desks 24/7. Everywhere we look, the landscape is becoming more flexible, virtual, and mobile.  

At the heart of this transformation is technology that supports constant collaboration in any environment. Indeed, Gartner believes that by 2022, 70% of teams will rely on workstream collaboration tools to get work done.   


Collaboration Smart Guide

Collaboration isn’t a new concept to the world of work. For centuries, we’ve always been able to accomplish more and overcome more challenges when working as a team. However, the way that we work together has seen a few changes over the years.  

In the age of digital transformation concepts like boring in-office meetings and in-person discussions are becoming less common. People are replacing outdated, expensive, or otherwise tricky processes with strategies that are quicker, simpler, and more virtual.  


UC Service Management Smart Guide

Whether it’s video conferencing services that keep your employees connected, VoIP endpoints for interacting with clients, or contact centre tools, there are a lot of things to keep track of.  

Finding the right way to keep track of your technology can mean that you can unlock more benefits within it. That’s where UC Service Management tools come in handy.  

The term Service Management first originated in the IT industry. Companies would use service management solutions to access an end-to-end overview of their critical technology. This meant that business leaders could track everything from network performance to external appliances.  


Room Kits Smart Guide

With employees dispersed all over the world, the meeting rooms that do exist in the business environment need to be more versatile. Large and complicated conference rooms are rapidly giving way to smaller, more adaptable huddle spaces.  

To support teams in this agile environment, A/V and collaboration vendors are creating new plug-and-play tools. Collaboration room kits have everything the standard company needs to create a collaborative meeting room experience. What makes these kits extra special, is that they’re simple and convenient to set up.  


IP Endpoints & Accessories Smart Guide

Endpoints are a crucial component of any UC strategy. 

Choosing IP endpoints and accessories used to be a simple process. An office worker got a basic telephone and a desktop computer, and mobile employees got cell phones and laptops. Of course, things aren’t so simple today with the rise of remote workers and the age of agility, users now demand more immersive and flexible tools for communication.  


CCaaS Smart Guide

Contact Centre as a Service, or “CCaaS” solutions ensure that companies can create conversations with their clients that span channels and strategies alike.

With CCaaS, organisations can deliver everything from SMS and chat, to video, self-service, and more to their customers. What’s more, the extensible nature of the cloud means that your contact centre can also link into your collaboration tools, CRM systems, analytics, and beyond.  


Contact Centre Smart Guide

The contact centre isn’t just a room filled with clacking keyboards and ringing phones. These environments form a crucial connection between your company, and your target audience.  

For decades, customers have turned to the contact centre for help with everything from making orders, to asking crucial questions about how a product or service works. However, the way that teams run contact centres is evolving.


CX Analytics Smart Guide

One of the most valuable data gathering and analytics systems available today focuses on a crucial differentiator for brands: customer experience. With CX analytics, today’s organisations can get to the heart of the customer journey.  

Through an in-depth evaluation of every step on the path to purchase and beyond, companies can strengthen relationships with clients, and offer better service.  


AI in the Contact Centre Smart Guide

The contact centre is one of the most valuable tools in any companys arsenal. It helps businesses to find new customers, support their existing clients, and build a more reputable brand.  

In recent years, the contact centre has evolved at an incredible pace. Weve seen the evolution of the landscape pushed by consumer trends, new technology, and the constant demand for better experiences. One of the most important things to transform the contact centre has to be AI.  


UC Buyer’s Checklist: Top 10

As the way that we define unified communications changes, the strategies that today’s companies use to plan and implement their investments evolves too. The checklist you used to use to determine which UC solutions to buy may well be out of date.  

Fortunately, we’ve put together our top 10 tips for making a valuable investment in the future of UC. 


Microsoft Teams Smart Guide

At the heart of this workplace transformation are a few leading brands. Perhaps the biggest company of all is Microsoft.  

Already a part of the virtual workplace with offerings like Microsoft 365 and Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams appeared as a natural way to update the collaboration stack for many companies. 

But what is Microsoft Teams, and where is it headed? 


Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Smart Guide

Direct routing is quickly becoming the go-to solution for companies that want to use the Microsoft Phone System.

That’s because the Calling Plans path comes with one major downside. If you’re still under contract with your existing telephony provider, moving to a new calling plan is likely to incur significant penalties. Additionally, your current plans and line costs might be significantly lower if you stick with an external provider, rather than buying a calling plan through Microsoft. 



Cognitive Collaboration Smart Guide

Cognitive collaboration is a concept introduced by Cisco to suit the new age of communication. 

The cognitive collaboration solution introduces a new range of artificial intelligence features for the Cisco Webex environment. The tools aim to elevate intelligent meetings and team experiences to a new level. According to Cisco, Cognitive Collaboration is defined as intelligence and “context” woven into the collaborative experience.  

Read our Cognitive Collaboration Smart Guide and take your communication to the next level.

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