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Publishing Guidelines

To ensure you get the most from we’ve prepare a little guide for your news and blog posts.


Content – The most effective online content normally has a clear message which is communicated with simplicity. Proof read your draft before you send it us.

Title – The success of your article relies on an interesting and snappy title – create expectation! Less than 10 words please. Always plug your primary keyword in it, where possible.

Sub-Title – (optional) In less than 10 words, back up the headline with what’s in store for the reader, plug another keyword in it where appropriate.

Exceprt – A short summary in approx 20 words that summarises the article content

Tags – Feel free to use send us some tags for your article, this will benefit your SEO and distribution on Google News & Apple News. However don’t overdo it. No more than 10 tags per article.

Embedded links – You can also embed source material links in the main body of your press release, for example to a video file or your web site. This will make your article much more interesting and you’ll benefit from our link juice. We do reserve the right to remove any links we do not feel are relevant.

Featured Images – You can send us an image with your press release. Ideal size is 850×425 pixels in JPEG or PNG format. We will edit the image to suit our web site style and social media posts.

Posting your release – When you post your release it must be relevant to the Comms industry and you will also need to choose a category.

Legal – It is your responsibility to ensure that all data used in your press release is accurate and up-to-date and that any professional claims can be substantiated.


Headline/title – Sum up the purpose of your press release and be straight to the point. Aim for around 5–15 words. Words in the headline should not be capitalised apart from the first word and any names, brands or other proper nouns.

Summary – We require a short summary – see ‘Exceprt’ above.

Date – The date that will appear on your release is the date we publish live it on our web site.

First paragraph – This may be the only part of your release that some people read, so it needs to be punch. Normally 2-3 sentences gets the message across quickly.

Length – There is no prescribed length for a press release but as a general rule for UC Today news we aim for between 400 and 600 words. Thought leadership articles posted in our Blog category can often exceed 600 words.

Names – The standard style for a business release is full name on first mention then surname thereafter (ie Patrick Jones then Jones).

Contact Info – You will need to provide us with the name and contact details of someone who can respond to enquiries about your release, preferably by phone and email.