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  • Gamma Cloud Voice

    “The Year of Cloud Voice” says Gamma

    I had the opportunity to speak with David Macfarlane from Gamma at UC EXPO, where we discussed the industry’s acceleration towards the cloud. More

  • 4Net Avaya Cloud

    npower Moves to the Cloud with 4net, BT and Avaya

    4net Technologies, a leading business communications supplier, has combined with BT and Avaya to provide the UK energy company npower with an innovative cloud-based contact centre solution. More

  • 9 best 9

    9 Of The Best From 9

    9 – we thought our readers might like to know what we found out about the company and what kind of things it has to offer to its Partners. More

  • SIP Trunks Market Guide

    SIP Trunking Providers

    One of the major advantages SIP calling brings to businesses is a drastic reduction in the cost of calls due to the fact they run over an IP network rather than fixed lines. As well as reducing call costs, SIP trunks also cut out line rental cost and remove the expensive installation and maintenance fees of traditional ISDN lines. More

  • Neil Wilson - Virtual 1

    Neil Wilson – Virtual1

    Meet Neil Wilson, Product & Marketing Manager at Virtual1 and also one of our judges for our #Ucoms Blogging competition 2017. Read Neil’s bio here. More

  • #UCOMS Blogging Competition 2017


    Best #UComs Blogger in the World 2017 – let the blog wars begin

    We’re looking for guest blog posts related to the subject of Unified Communications. To give you some guidance here’s some hot topics you could cover, however we must insist that all blog articles submitted are related in some way to business communications. Will you be the world’s best #Ucoms Blogger 2017? More

  • Paul Dunne - Plantronics

    Paul Dunne – Plantronics

    Meet Paul Dunne, Country Manager UK&I at Plantronics and also one of our judges for our #Ucoms Blogging competition 2017. Read Paul’s bio here. More

  • Tim Britt - Polycom

    Tim Britt – Polycom

    Tim Britt is a Business Manager, Microsoft Partners team at Polycom and also one of our judges for our #Ucoms Blogging competition 2017. Read Tim’s bio here. More

  • Steve Neil - Audio Productions

    Steve Neil – Audio Productions

    Meet Steve Neil, Monkey Channel Manager and also one of our judges for our #Ucoms Blogging competition 2017. Read Steve’s bio here. More

  • Monica Visconti-Patel - RingCentral

    Monica Visconti-Patel – RingCentral

    Meet Monica Visconti-Patel, AVP of EMEA Marketing at RingCentral and also one of our judges for our #Ucoms Blogging competition 2017. Read Monica’s bio here. More

  • SIP Trunking vs ISDN

    SIP Trunking vs ISDN – How was your Experience?

    Did you recently switch to SIP trunking from ISDN? How did it go? Our opinion poll aims to collect real-life experiences, if you’ve recently moved to internet based telephone lines (SIP trunking), cast your vote More

  • Migrate to cloud telephony

    SIP With Everything For Splicecom

    Low-cost ISDN to SIP converter paves the way to the cloud – Splicecom’s recent introduction of ISIP, the SIP to ISDN Converter, is the latest piece of the puzzle that allows partners to ‘never walk away from a deal again’. More

  • SIP Trunk Providers

    SIP Trunk Providers in the UK

    Finding a new SIP Trunk provider is not an easy task nowadays largely because there are so many. Here’s our guide to selecting the best supplier and a directory of companies offering SIP services. More

  • What is SIP trunking?

    What is SIP Trunking? Benefits and More…

    With BT recently announcing retirement of their ISDN telephone line service businesses will need to seek an alternative sometime soon. SIP Trunking is the solution, here we explain what it is. More