Fuze Introduces a New Recruitment Offering

Rebekah Carter

New tailored solution from Fuze for recruitment

Fuze Introduces a New Recruitment Offering

Leading cloud-based communication provider, Fuze recently announced the new Fuze for Recruiting system, a tailored solution built for corporate recruiting teams and recruitment agencies looking to drive growth and hiring. Fuze for Recruiting represents the first offering in selecting professional service solutions Fuze plans to deliver going forward.

As companies continue to recover from the pandemic of 2020, hiring has become an even more critical pain point for many industries. Companies need to find and onboard new employees as quickly as possible to avoid losing productivity and opportunities. As a result, both recruiting agencies and internal hiring teams are often measured on their ability to fill positions as quickly as possible with qualified candidates, no matter if it’s a C-Suite executive, or contractor.

Fuze wants to make it as easy as possible for recruitment teams to achieve the best results with a selection of two dedicated packages.

Leading the Future of Recruitment

The new recruitment solutions build on Fuze’s experience with global enterprises and the wide selection of features from the Fuze portfolio. Fuze for Recruiting Essentials, and the Fuze for Recruiting Contact Centre will include access to:

  • Enhanced employee onboarding: Companies in the recruitment landscape need to be able to effectively onboard new employees at speed. Fuze for Recruiting allows administrators to manage existing and new employees from the Fuze Hub, making provisioning and deactivating employees as quick and streamlined as possible
  • Improved efficiency and productivity: Integrated meeting, calling, and messaging capabilities streamline communication and enhance collaboration between account managers, recruiters, candidates, and clients, regardless of the physical location of the employee. Powerful integrations are also available with a range of industry applications, to reduce administrative tasks and enhance revenue generation
  • Stronger coaching and Supervision: Fuze Discover and Fuze View will provide overviews of employee calling, messaging, and meeting metrics, while allowing managers to remotely check on team, individual, and department statistics. You can even schedule reports for updates, and coach employees through listen, whisper, and join features
  • Upgraded experience: Delivering a sensational experience to clients, candidates and recruiters is crucial for agencies in today’s competitive recruiting market. The Fuze for Recruiting system enables seamless communication, whether you’re conducting interviews via Fuze Meetings, or catching up with candidates via SMS

A New Era of Recruiting Communications

According to the COO and President of Fuze, Rob Scudiere, we’re currently at an important crossroads in the recruiting industry, as companies start returning to the office, and new hiring demands arise. The recruiting solution built by Fuze is the first tailored offering within a series of upcoming service offerings. This solution will meet the needs of agency and in-house recruiters alike by providing them with the communication innovation they need.

With SMS services already existing in North America, Fuze will be releasing further international SMS capabilities for integration with Fuze Recruiting later this year.



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