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Out Loud: UC Awards 2018 – A Seamless Experience with Fuze

We hear from Fuze about the year that has been 2018, and their plans and targets moving forward

Out Loud: UC Awards 2018 – A Seamless Experience with Fuze

Patrick was joined by special guest Michael Affronti, the VP of Product at Fuze.

Michael explains that Fuze have been growing rapidly, not only in terms of product development but also geographically. They have been expanding into new regions, like Australia, but also updating their existing platforms with the release of the Fuze 5.0 update.

Fuze offer solutions across the landscape of unified communications enabling them to cater for customers in all of the various aspects. The thinking behind this is to enable the possibility of making communication truly unified.

“Although we have a broad portfolio approach, that portfolio is really designed to help the larger enterprise adopt Fuze.”

Michael explains that they place huge focus on creating great products for end users, without this members of an enterprise will look elsewhere for an application that meets their requirements. However, although designing great products that are suitable for end users is key, Fuze, need to constantly consider the security and compliance implications for their enterprise customers.

In terms of technology trends, Fuze are focused on the changing role of identity management. As more and more services move to the cloud it becomes even more vital for enterprise organisations to be able to securely and efficiently manage their user identification.

Fuze are also working towards more development of web based applications where users can utilise the Fuze products through browsers. “Folks are having completely seamless Fuze experiences, with rich real-time video, audio and screen sharing, never having to download a native application on any device. That’s a trend we are certainly excited about.”

Over the next 12 months Fuze are aiming to becoming a public company and preparations are already underway for that. “We are aspiring to become a public company. That is something that is certainly dependent on a number of conditions that can be out of Fuze’s control, in terms of the market – We are preparing for that.”

They are also working on expanding their channel program around the world and developing their use of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI).

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guest, Michael Affronti, of Fuze.

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