Out Loud: UC Awards 2018 – The Lowdown on Highfive

Highfive CEO, Joe Manuele, joins Patrick in this episode of Out Loud to discuss their ambitious plans for the future and takes a look back to review 2018

Out Loud: UC Awards 2018 – The Lowdown on Highfive

Patrick was joined by special guest Joe Manuele, who is the CEO of Highfive.

Joe looks back at the most crucial aspects of the last 12 months from a Highfive perspective. Raising investment funds was crucial for them, and Joe explains that due to the competitive landscape in terms of start-ups, it is more difficult than it might appear.

“There is a lot of people that get rejected. It was very exciting that the company was funded because of the vision that it had.”

Joe explains that the founding vision of Highfive was based on simplifying the video conferencing experience. Due to historic costs and complexities, video is still an underutilised medium in meeting rooms globally.

“We should be able to make video ubiquitous in a conference room-type environment. Over 90% of conference rooms don’t have any form of video today.”

The main focus from Highfive was to make sure that their product was enterprise ready. They had experienced great success in the SME market, with the first WebRTC 1080p camera, but wanted to expand the enterprise features to make the solution more suitable for larger environments. They have now released a 4K camera, in partnership with Dolby, and meeting recording and storage features utilising the AWS platform.

Patrick asks Joe about the main trends that are impacting Highfive. Joe explains that audio conferencing is still a huge market, when there are significantly cheaper and better options available with video solutions. The conference or huddle room space is developing rapidly and that is Highfive’s primary target. “You should be able to unpack the three boxes we send you, plug everything in, download an app and within 15 minutes your video conference room is up and running.”

Joe explains that the main future focuses are around developing their channel partner network so they can more easily expand globally. They aim to be the most channel friendly video conferencing solution on the planet. They also have ambitious plans for global expansion, using the AWS platform, Highfive are able to expand their proposition quickly into new areas and will be strategically targeting those over the next 12 months.

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Presenter, and Tech Journalist, Patrick Watson is joined by special guest Joe Manuele, of Highfive.

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