3CX PBX Express Review: Secure, Free Cloud PBX in Minutes

3CX have launched their latest Cloud PBX and it’s FREE!

3CX PBX Express Review: Secure, Free Cloud PBX in Minutes

World-class developer of generation-leading software-based Unified Communication solutions, 3CX recently announced its latest development in its portfolio: PBX Express. The product is a web-based wizard that allows resellers and users to easily create a complete cloud PBX system in the cloud environment of their choice.

PBX express is perfect for small businesses that require a fully-functioning PBX that’s still capable of running in the cloud to offer complete control at a minimal cost of other solutions on the market. Clients will also have absolute flexibility in their choice of SIP trunks and devices, and will also have access to a wealth of solutions for boosting productivity. This will include smartphone and softphone clients for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. Integrated video, chat, and presence conferencing will all be available, along with unlimited extensions, 5 web conferencing participants and 8 simultaneous calls for free.

The Feedback from 3CX

Nick Galea, CEO of 3CX said:

“PBX Express” is designed to make deploying 3CX within the cloud easier than ever. The system will give customers the opportunity to access one of the most low-cost, yet high-quality cloud providers available, meaning that costs can be cut, without compromising on control.”

Users with an interest in adopting the new product will be taught how to navigate through the 8-step process, which creates a new PBX installation to be hosted on Amazon, Google Cloud, OVH, or any other Openstack VPS provider available. Importantly, the same settings, features, and management solutions will be available alongside 3CX’s cloud and on-premise solutions.

The Next Step in Cloud PBX

Partners with 3CX will be able to offer their end users a managed hosting experience using a leading cloud provider through the “PBX Express” tool service. All resellers need to do is simply set up a dedicated instance for 3CX underneath their own accounts using one of the leading cloud providers, and they can offer full management services for their customer.

For those in search of Cloud PBX, this new solution from 3CX could be an incredible step forward, as partners will no longer have to invest in dedicated servers or hardware if they want to set up a multi-tenant or complicated 3CX installation.

About 3CX

A complete channel-based company, 3CX is the developer of open standards and software-based IP PBX designed to innovate and improve communications in a host of different industries. The aim of 3CX is to replace outdated and proprietary PBX systems while cutting down the telecommunication costs that most businesses face. For 3CX, the focus is on offering a budget-friendly approach to boosting company mobility and productivity.

Using integrated WebRTC web conferencing, alongside softphone solutions built for Windows and Mac, and smartphone clients for Ios, Android, and Windows phones, 3CX offers companies a full Unified Communications solution, with 50,000 customers across the globe, including big name brands like Huge Boss, Pepsi, Harley Davidson, and more.

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