6 Reasons to Invest in UC Service Management Platforms

Why Companies Need UC Service Management Platforms in 2023

Top 6 Reasons to Buy UC Service Management in 2022
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Published: September 1, 2023

Rebekah Carter

UC service management platforms are quickly becoming essential to an effective communication technology stack. Unified Communications solutions are now a must-have for virtually every business, regardless of size or industry.

By 2030, the market for UC technologies is expected to reach a value of $222.61 billion. This demonstrates a growing demand for aligned, multi-faceted communication tools.

However, as powerful as UC solutions can be for synchronizing teams and boosting productivity, there are still challenges to overcome. Primarily, companies need to ensure their evolving ecosystems are easy to manage, configure, and optimize from a single location.

UC service management platforms make it easy to enhance business security, improve collaboration, and empower staff members with critical tools. Here’s why every business should consider investing in UC service management tools in 2023 and beyond.

1.    Easily Empower Distributed Teams

Demand for hybrid and remote work has only increased in recent years. Though many companies are now beginning to introduce return-to-office mandates, employees are fighting back. Many of the most profitable companies, including 77% of Fortune 100 brands, are retaining flexible work policies.

This means to ensure productivity doesn’t diminish; companies need an effective way to provision, monitor, and support employees wherever they are. Plus, UC service management platforms ensure companies can deliver the resources staff members need via the cloud, wherever they are.

The most advanced solutions offer zero-touch provisioning capabilities to remote patching solutions. These ensure companies can continue supporting the evolving workforce without compromising security or efficiency. UC service management tools even help comprehensive access controls for security purposes in the hybrid world.

2.    Improve Employee Efficiency and Productivity

Powerful UC service management platforms don’t just make it easier for companies to provide their employees with the tools they need to perform tasks efficiently. They can also help promote greater workplace productivity in several ways.

Innovative tools provide behind-the-scenes insights into performance metrics and team analytics, helping to guide intelligent workflow decisions. They can assist companies in providing employees with more reliable connections to critical apps and resources. Plus, they can even support team members by providing them with a single portal for managing resources.

With UC service management platforms, business leaders can rectify software and hardware problems from a distance, reducing unnecessary downtime. Some tools also come with advanced automation and intelligence capabilities. These allow brands to streamline crucial business processes and reduce the repetitive work managed by human staff.

3.    UC Service Management Platforms Provide Advanced Insights

As the communication landscape grows more advanced, UC Service management solutions are evolving at a similar pace. On a basic level, these tools help to unify insights taken from across the business landscape. They draw data from CX and UC systems into one convenient environment, assisting businesses to spot trends and opportunities.

The right tools can assist business leaders in making decisions about how to improve call quality, enhance operations, and minimize complex business issues. They can also allow businesses to monitor custom KPIs and metrics, creating comprehensive reports for shareholders.

Some market leaders in the UCSM space also include state-of-the-art AI technology into their tools. Through artificial intelligence, companies can leverage more of the actionable insights they need to boost team productivity. They can find out how meeting rooms are used, which trends influence team collaboration, and more.

4.    Increase Security and Compliance

Preserving high security, privacy, and compliance levels is complex in today’s communication landscape. With more communication channels to monitor and more connection points to defend, businesses need a comprehensive strategy.

UC Service Management platforms can assist brands by reducing the number of data silos in their ecosystem. They make it easier to track all of the core components of your landscape in one place. Plus, they ensure you can assign the right tools and services to each staff member, with access controls.

Leading service management tools can monitor security risks in real-time. They can send instant messages to team members when compliance issues are detected. Plus, many solutions allow business leaders to remotely wipe information from devices via the cloud.

5.    UC Service Management Platforms Reduce IT Strain

Managing a comprehensive solution for unified communications can be complex today. Monitoring, provisioning, and patching various disconnected devices and software solutions significantly strain IT teams. This also increases the risk that security issues will slip through the cracks. UC service management platforms reduce this issue.

With advanced tools, companies can track and assess their global communications infrastructure in a single place. Carrier-agnostic solutions can simplify the onboarding and provisioning process with zero-touch technology. Some tools even come with their provisioning manager, including templates to minimize human error.

With UC Service management platforms, IT teams can spend less time configuring solutions and more time on value-added tasks. Some solutions can even streamline the process of monitoring issues with machine learning, automated predictive analytics, and more.

6.    Unlock Greater Flexibility and Agility

In today’s rapidly changing world, companies need to remain agile and flexible to stay ahead of the curve. UC service management platforms can ensure businesses can adapt quickly to changes in their workflows, ecosystems, and needs. With a comprehensive solution, you can monitor, migrate, connect, and manage various communication tools.

Some solutions even make it easier to monitor comprehensive cloud ecosystems in one place. This ensures you can track everything from CPaaS solutions, to contact center assets and collaboration tools in one place. Moreover, companies can enhance and upgrade their services according to their needs.

With minimal initial effort, business leaders can implement new tools and innovative solutions, from 5G mobility systems to artificial intelligence. Companies can use UC service management platforms to ensure they’re evolving at the right pace.

Investing in UC Service Management Platforms

UC service management platforms are quickly becoming one of the most valuable solutions for businesses seeking agility and growth. With these powerful tools, companies can improve security, empower remote teams, and reduce costs.

Service management platforms can be a valuable investment for any business looking to make the most of their unified communication tools.


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