64% of SMEs Could Upgrade to 5G in 6 Months

Onecom signs new deal with Vodafone with 5G Focus

64% of SMEs Could Upgrade to 5G in 6 Months

Onecom, one of the biggest independent business telecom providers in the UK, recently announced the development of their new partnership deal with Vodafone UK. The partnership represents an exciting step forward in the two company’s roadmaps. Together, the partnership agreement will aim to deliver over £100 in revenue potential from things like fixed line rentals, IT services, mobile, and more.

Additionally, the partnership puts Onecom in a good position to build on Vodafone’s position in the B2B market. The new deal also includes a commitment by Onecom to triple growth in fixed-line services and become the unified communications market leader for the SME market.

Perhaps most impressively, the deal ensures that Onecom is well positioned to take advantage of Vodafone’s 5G rollout, which will begin this year on the 3rd of July. According to Onecom’s research, 65% of SMEs will be able to upgrade to 5G in as little as 6 months.

Exciting Updates to the SME Landscape

Onecom currently manages almost 100,000 business customers, offering state-of-the-art solutions for unified communications services. The collaboration with Vodafone will allow Onecom to take their offering to the next level, with an exceptional range of solutions, including new 5G opportunities.

Onecom’s recent research into 5G was commissioned with the market research company, Consumer Intelligence, reviewing 118 SME owners and leading managers. The results showed excellent adoption potential for the latest standard in connectivity.

According to the CEO of Onecom, Ben Dowd, the new partnership is evidence of the company’s ambition for growth and ongoing commitment to performance. Onecom has consistently built on partnerships with some of the leading brands from around the world, and this is just another step in their strategy.

Boosting Onecom’s Growth Strategy

Ben Dowd

Ben Dowd

In the decision to renew their partnership with Onecom, Vodafone has continued to recognise the strength of Onecom’s contribution to their fixed line growth rates, IoT development, and mobile revenues. Vodafone has also commended the award-winning customer service that Onecom offers to its customers. Onecom is now well-positioned in the market to continue building on its strategy to bring SMEs in the UK the best class of tools in converged mobile, IT solutions, data, and more.

Onecom has been the Vodafone Total Communications Partner of the Year for 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. The decision to develop the partnership between both companies further means that each brand can continue to grow and offer new things to the market.


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